Wednesday, 2 January 2013


Just back from a nice relaxing holiday, or as relaxing as any holiday can be with a five year old, three year old and 10 month old. To continue on with the blogs about my wargames projects, I have the era generally known as Ancients to write about. I love the ancient world, which is probably why I teach Classical Studies at school. But when it comes to wargaming it I have found myself unable to really get into the prevailing tournament style rulesets such as FoG and DBM(M). It might be because I like my rules simple, or because Ancients has always been a latecomer to my gaming interests but I think it is just because I find those rules horrible.
Having said that, there is one ancients rules-set that I do like, and that is DBA. Why? Simple, quick and you can play large campaigns in a day. It works really well for solo play and the armies are easy to build. At present I have no DBA armies painted. I've finished many, but sold them all in order to fund different projects. I currently have the figures for Big Battle DBA armies for Alexander the Great and his Persian enemies in 15mm and this is earmarked as the mid-2013 project.
Persian and Macedonian DBA Armies (long since sold)
Wargames Factory Marian Romans
I also have Marian Romans and Gauls in 28mm, although I think that I would prefer 15mm so might buy some and relegate these to the lead-heap.

I spent quite a bit of time playing Warhammer Ancient Battles with 28mm armies for the Age of Arthur. Dan was my regular opponent for this, and when he left for Australia, I sold them on to invest in another project. I can't remember which one, but never mind. Since then Osprey has released Dan Mersey's Dux Bellorum, and I have bought an army of Romano-British and an army of Saxons for these rules. The armies are about DBA sized, but the rules are much more specifically aimed at the Dark Ages, and i am looking forward to completing this project - eventually.


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