Sunday, 26 May 2019

Another Painting week

A bit less accomplished this week. Lots of meetings and a couple of nights where I just decided not to bring out the brushes. So I painted a Pak40 for Craig and some Orcs for my fantasy armies.
Fallshirmjager Pak 40 on Cassino themed terrain.

And from the rear.

The Orc Shaman Gozboom and his goblin assistant Krak-ed.

Better view of the large fungus - and the big mushroom...

Third unit of Orc boyz for the army.

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

This week's painting

This week saw the completion of Craig's Boba Fett figure
The bounty hunter himself

Front view

And from the back
 Thanks to Sorastro for his awesome painting guide. I couldn't replicate it exactly, but it gave me plenty of great ideas!

Soviet Scouts, again these are for Craig

He's going to paint the bases to match the Soviets he already has.

The second infantry platoon of Great War Germans completed.

Now, onto the support weapons
15mm Great War Germans and a 28mm Fallshirmjager Pak 40 are getting the treatment this week.


Sunday, 12 May 2019

This weeks painting

This week I got to celebrate the joy of painting the last figures I had for a particular army, the Great War British. Here they are:
The army all arrayed - 2 platoons infantry, mortars, Machine guns, artillery, 2 x Mark IVs and a Whippet
 And here are some close ups of the bits I finished this week:
Vickers HMGs
Stokes Mortars

Two 18 pounders

Command section with sniper team
I also painted these Luftwaffe troops for Craig:

I love the bluey-grey of the uniforms, and with those caps it felt like painting early WWI Austro-Hungarians. I think I've captured the rag-tag look of these guys who ended up thrown into the front line.

The coming week sees me painting another platoon of the Great War Germans; some WWII Soviet Scouts for Craig; and hopefully, Boba Fett.

Incidentally, on the left hand side of the page I've put up my project list for this and next year. It is to try to keep me on track over the next 19 months, barring occasional distractions as people send me other things to paint.


Sunday, 5 May 2019

This week's painting

First up, what I've completed this week:
Some Bretonnian Archers which will become a unit of scouts for my Fantasy Empire army.

The lord of my undead legions, a Vampire warrior. Counts as Elite Foot that can fly in Dragon Rampant

Robin Hood. I have big plans for him and his Merry Men - more in the future.

Rebel Commandos

I'm glad they put Pruneface in there.

And a Mon Calamari sniper
A platoon of British infantry for Great War

Only the support elements left to complete and my Great War British army is finished. Then it will be the turn of the Germans.
Some battered markers for Dragon Rampant, and a treasure chest objective marker.
So a pretty productive week again, although I have to admit that I only finished off most of these figures from last week. The Great War Brits and the battered markers were the only things painted entirely within the last 7 days. Still, at least things are getting finished!