Sunday, 17 February 2019

More Athenians

This week another group of hoplites - unarmoured this time.

And also 2 heroes to lead them all.

Now I have some light infantry to paint and the last hero and the Athenians are finished. Onto the Spartans after that.


Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Athenian unit for Mortal Gods completed

I have to admit that not a lot of painting has happened lately. A mysterious virus attacked and by the time I recovered it was my daughter's birthday, which managed to last all weekend. However, I di manage to finish off my first unit for the upcoming release of Mortal Gods - some heavy Athenian hoplites.

 I also finished this guy. I had no idea what to call him. The original plan of Dr Mercury was scuttled when it dawned on me that this was the name of one of the blogs that I follow (and an excellent blog it is too - loving the GI Joe 28mm project at the moment) - no wonder it felt so familiar! Dan has suggested Tanabah. What does it mean? I dunno. Sounds cool though, so that will be his name from now on.

My greys are finished too. backstory all sorted. From the alien race of the G'ysk, these little guys visit Earth regularly, abducting humans and performing degrading and humiliating experiments on them. They don't actually do this for any scientific reason, they're just amusing themselves. This is because these guys are Baserlites - the G'ysk name for their teenage hoods. Mostly the G'ysk don't really care about the Earth, but their teenagers just love screwing with humans.

 Barry (b'Ree) is an adult G'ysk. He came to Earth to help prepare the fight against an invasion from another alien planet. He'd previously come to Earth as a Baserlite and grew quite an affection for it's people. Once here he decided to stay as a member of the Alliance of Awesomeness.

Barry tells off some naughty Baserlites.

Finally I bought my 7 year old daughter this for her birthday. We've started an adventure, but boy is there a lot of reading in it. She was getting into it, but we were playing with her 9 year old sister, and they disagreed on EVERY decision. Co-operative games may not be their forte...


Saturday, 2 February 2019

Anglo-Danes and Martians to begin February

I managed to finish off some painting this week, despite being back at school and the mountain of work that is already beginning to pile up. Just enough time to post the results though.
Anglo-Danish Warlord. He's hefting that double handed axe single-handedly. What a monster!

Axe-wielding loonies... errr I mean huscarles.

Right, some nice sensible spears for these guys.

And a further unit of hearthguard.

Ack Ack Ack!
 I bought Mars Attacks a few years ago. I finally got around to painting some Martians so that I can use them for Clobberin' Time. I have a few Alien races lines up for my superverse.

Homemade SAGA Dice
I bought some blank dice and printed some labels. Unfortunately the Saxon dice were just a bit too dark. They are visible, but not as clear as the Viking version. Luckily Dan accidentally bought two sets of Anglo-Saxon dice, so one of them is winging its way to me now.

I have another point of Anglo-Danes to paint this week, and 6 Hoplites to finish off my first unit for Mortal Gods. Then I have some Rebel Commandos to paint for Craig. Hopefully I can make some decent inroads into this pile over the next week.


Monday, 21 January 2019

Getting windy

I finally bought the PDF of Paul Darnell's Touching History Volume 1: Spain. This is available through the Karwansary webstore, the same people who publish Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy. I'm really glad I got it, as it has given me plenty of ideas for further Spanish terrain for the WSS in Spain project. Having just consumed a tube of Pringles, I decided the time was right to build a Spanish Windmill.
The brick work didn't come out as well as I'd hoped.

The barrels are from the War of Spanish Succession artillery set.

I ended up using fly-screen mesh for the sails.

Really happy with how the tiled roof came out.

The Old Purples march past

During construction.
Battlefield set-up

Forgive the unpainted troops. It looks right at home on the table. The other Spanish buildings look a bit too white though...
I'm back to work today, but I have plans this year to put together a Spanish Church, a few pantiled walls, some destroyed Italian buildings for Cassino, and a Roman era farm complex for the Civil Wars using the same basic  construction techniques.


Saturday, 19 January 2019

Saturday update

Not much painting since Warmonger this week, too many distractions. I did manage to finish a couple of other models though:
A Khador Warjack becomes the first of Baron Death's Deathbots.

Two police officers from Wargames Factory's zombie survivors.

And Dr Hawke, the man who made Kangor, and gave himself giant wings.
Last week I also completed a couple of Dark Ages houses.

Need to paint some SAGA figures to go with them now. Speaking of which, Craig showed up with a 4 point Byzantine army that I bought off his son, and it is all ready to go.
Mounted figures


The army
Now I just need to buy another couple of units to bulk it out to 6 points. Speaking of which, the Normans are now all cleaned, pinned, and undercoated, ready for their paint this year.

There's a bit more stuff that I haven't put on the blog yet. I'm super-keen for Mortal Gods when it comes out, and received my bases from Sarissa Precision last weekend. I immediately painted a hoplite and prepared a test base.
Three of these triangle bases make up a unit

The decals are those supplied with the Warlord Games Ancient Hoplites and work really well

These Athenians will face the Spartans. I hope to have a couple of sides complete by the time the starter set arrives in March/April.
Along with the Chef, I prepared another villain for Captain Kiwi. This is the Ripper, possessed by the satanic spirit of the original.
Holding his bloody blade
On the painting tray are a dozen Anglo-Danish Hearthguard, 10 Mars Attacks Martians, and this guy:
Suggested colour schemes welcome
This is Doc Mercury. He's my good guy sorcerer, like Dr Strange, or Dr Fate complete with impractical cape. I would love it if people gave me some suggestions for what colours to paint him. The third eye has to be red - it's a long-term plot device - aside from that, everything is open.


Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Captain Kiwi Issue #1: This man, this mulch

My apologies, but I haven't drawn a cover for Captain Kiwi #1 yet. It can have its own post at a later date. This issue was important because of the way the sub-plot influenced the game.
The scenario generated was a super-villain team up in the city involving a theft. I really wanted to see how the activation system would handle multiple opponents fighting against one, so put three Level 3 villains together - the Chef, Blood Deathkill and Compost. Captain Kiwi was not totally outnumbered, he had the help of a Level 1 police officer who was first on the scene. Compost was the only one who rolled a sub-plot, which was 'swap sides'. It only comes into effect if a Joker is drawn, so 1 in 27 odds, and then it is a 50% die roll to see if it happens.

The Chef (a psychopath that makes excellent meat pies from his victims), has hired assassin/mercenary Blood Deathkill and lumbering pile of decomposing plant matter, Compost, to help him to rob a bank. He isn't after cash, but a crate of unknown items from within the bank vault. If it was cash he was after, he'd just hire a hacker from Lithuania.
The villains turn up outside the bank. Suitcase civilian just stands there and watches (the whole game!).

Officer Bradbar turns up as first responder. he takes a shot but misses.

Captain Kiwi is on the scene and on his way!

Blood Deathkill lives up to his name and Bradbar is down. Captain Kiwi is too late to save his only ally! 

CK engages Compost in the middle of the street. Just as well the traffic isn't moving! The Chef emerges with his crate of goodies.

Blood Deathkill goes in to help Compost dispose of Captain Kiwi. The Chef uses the time to make his getaway. But... a Joker is drawn, the roll is a 4+ and Compost realises that he has been played, as the Chef runs away. Now he wants to get the Chef, but Blood Deathkill is in the way. Sides are changed!

Blood Deathkill is knocked back by Compost's attack, and Captain Kiwi finishes the Merc off.

Captain Kiwi captures the Chef and knocks him back. Compost is lumbering up past Blood Deathkill's prone body.

The Chef strikes back. CK was already wounded, and another blow fells him. The Chef has no time to carve the hero up, though, as he sees Compost lumbering towards him. He grabs the crate and makes his getaway. 
Captain Kiwi auto-healed thanks to his nano-tech self-repair system, but too late to catch the Chef, who was in the chef-mobile and away. Compost lurched off looking for some lawn clippings to add to his body and feeling sad, although by tomorrow he won't even remember why.

Again, the activation system worked well, and the sub-plot really brought out a cinematic run of events. On reflection, Captain Kiwi had an automatic ignore all hits courtesy of his healing factor that he should have used in the last round. That may have allowed him to take down the Chef himself, or held him up long enough for Compost to arrive. But either way, it was an enjoyable game a result that sets up the next issue well.


Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Super Wonder Issue #1: Ambush on Guavan 9

So I rolled up a game that featured a Super-Villain team up on another world where the antagonists were out for revenge. My 6 year old was wanting to play as well, so it was a no-brainer to take the hero (does anyone say heroine any more?) that she created. Hence Super-Wonder, which is her name (no sniggering in the corner) and sums her up well. She's the only truly cosmic superhero in the NDC universe at the moment, and her pink star powers enable her to fly, shoot power beams and shield herself with a force field. Again, these powers were at the 6 years old's request.
So who were the enemies going to be? Well as revenge was on the cards, her nemesis, Rock Queen had to be involved. Rock Queen is the creation of my 9 year old, and unfortunately I just couldn't fit in all the different powers that she was requested to have. Needless to say she taps into the universal power of music by playing a guitar loudly - power blasts, flight etc. She represents the dark power that music can have (so should probably have a drum machine and an auto-tuner).
Helping her was the Harbinger of Sokar, herald to the mighty Egyptian space god. More on all that at a later date.

No sub-plots were rolled and the result was a relatively quick game.
Rock Queen ambushes Super Wonder on Guavan 9 - and then quickly wishes she hadn't.
 A distress beacon from the 9th moon of Guavan is answered by Super Wonder, to find no-one there. All of sudden a blast of white noise from behind is only just blocked by SW's force field. Turning our hero engages the Rock Queen, unaware that behind her the Harbinger has arrived as well.
Total victory
The cards fall right for Super Wonder, and the dice roll low for Rock Queen. The first attacker is taken out before the Harbinger can even get into range. Taking time only to deliver a one-liner, SW turns to face her bird-faced opponent. The Harbinger draws an Ace, which would give him a chance to knock out his target, but he's out of range by 1".  Super Wonder is not so forgiving, and in a devastating power blast of pinkness, the Harbinger goes down. I'm not sure if my youngest daughter rigged the dice, but she says it was just because superheroes can't lose.

A quick game, but a good test of how the rules work with an outnumbered opponent. It could just as easily have gone the other way. Tomorrow Captain Kiwi will battle three opponents (the game's already played, but one is enough for now).