Wednesday 20 November 2013

Fast Flames Early War Tournament

This event was actually held a fortnight ago, but I've lost my blogging mojo in amongst the amount of work coming my way at the moment.
In a repeat of the tournament set up from February, we had eight 800 point early war armies squaring off against each other in one hour games. No aircraft or heavy artillery or tanks with armour of 6 or above were allowed. Allied players were John (last year's winner) and Jeremy with Brits and Chris and I with French.
My French stalk the streets
Chris' French advancing
Jeremy gets an armoured company
John's infantry supported by Matildas - wait - what was their armour again?
Axis players were Terry, Paul and Shane (who didn't turn up but was ably replaced in one game by John's wife Rose) with Germans and Michael drew the short straw with Italians.
Paul's infantry advancing
Terry's motorbikes led by a man on a horse
German armoured army of Shane

The deadly Italians

Three rounds were fought, with three objectives placed across the centre line of the table. Each objective was worth 3 victory points and each destroyed enemy platoon was worth one victory point.

The end result was a narrow Axis win, and the top two armies were Michael's Italians and my French on 21 points each (this despite being beaten in my first game by Rose who was playing her first game - ever!!!).
So the decision was that Michael should receive the newly made trophy as he was on the winning side. It was duly presented by the previous champion, John, in an elaborate ceremony.
John looks much happier giving it away than Michael looks to be receiving it.
 It was a lot of fun, and I think we'll look at it as a biannual fixture.