Sunday, 29 November 2015

Early on in the rebellion...

Inspired by the TV series Rebels which focuses on a cell in the early rebellion, I decided to come up with a team that was somewhat similar.  In true narrative fashion, I've set up a scenario that explains the origins of my little band.
The table as it is laid out. The Imperial chemical extraction facility is at the bottom of the  picture.
Fisk Torr, brave Nautolan leader, and his faithful Yuzzem sidekick, Huk.
Galok Kroo, Rodian Rogue and his two droids R8-M8 nad B4-G. Below them, Twi'lek Larn, Correllian  Zam Roff, and Zeltron Hazul Fehr. All together they make up a small band of pirates, intent on raiding the Imperial facility.
The Imperial facility, with Grand Moff Tarkin arriving for an inspection. A few extra guard have been put on as a result.
The Moff and his bodyguard/pilot.
The Imperial commander of the facility stands outside the defence bunker awaiting the inspection.
Not far away a scout speeder sent to look for where the Moff has landed has been hit by defence blasters and crash landed. Both pilots have survived, including the Duros Rogg Trida.
Alerted by the crash a party of Stormtroopers prepares to investigate.
The story goes as thus: A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...
Fisk Torr, leader of a band of pirates who have been causing chaos in various parts of the Empire has been informed by his Twi'lek intelligence officer, Larn, that there is a virtually unguarded gerron gasextraction facility on the planet Pupos. Knowing that there are plenty of people willing to pay big money for gerrron gas, Fisk decides his crew could mount a raid.
Meanwhile, unknown to Fisk and his friends, Grand Moff Tarkin has decided to make a surprise inspection of the facility, as gerron gas is important for a top secret space station being constructed. The Rebel Alliance has learned of Tarkin's trip to Pupos, although not his exact destination, and have sent a scouting force out to find and capture him.
It is Rogg Trida's speeder that discovers Tarkin's location, but he is shot down by the facility defence blasters. Rogg has crash landed nearby the facility, just as Fisk's crew turn up.
The idea is that Fisk and Rogg will team up together to help Rogg escape. From there Rogg and his band will join the rebellion for a string of new adventures. Of course, if they all get killed and captured in this scenario, it will be a very short series!

I don't know when I'l actually get to play out this scenario, which will be the beginnings of my playtesting the Lord of the Rings rules conversions that I've done, but I'll post a battle report when I do.


Saturday, 28 November 2015

Viking archers

The latest painting for Geoff, some Gripping Beast Viking archers.

The photos are a bit washed out. My phone doesn't seem to be taking photos as good as it used too, and I have no real idea why - whether it is the lighting or if I'm zooming in too much or what the deal is. I might have to go back to using the camera, which would be a pain because from my phone the photos just automatically upload - look mum, no cords.

Anyway, I've got another dozen figures to paint for Geoff, 40 for Craig, and then it will be Christmas and I'll relax a bit. I did some trial basing with the Marian Romans for Eagle Rampant (I only had 10 15 x 15mm bases, so this isn't a full unit).
I might paint these guys up between commissions.


Friday, 27 November 2015

New delivery and pimping two blog competitions

A happy day as I received a package from Old Glory 15s. A bit of a departure from my usual supplier, Lancashire Games, but I wanted them to match some other figures that I already had.
These are Gauls and Marian Romans, and the plan is that they will be based individually and used for Eagle Rampant.

In other corners of the blogoverse, two blogs that I follow are currently running giveaways. The first is a site that I have used frequently but which was saved in my favourites as opposed to my blogroll. That has now been rectified and Wargame News and Terrain will be appearing on your right from now on. Follow the blog, create a post on your own site advertising them and add them your blogroll and there are three entries into a 100 euro giveaway with prizes from several different companies.

The second blog is Kiwi-Colour Studio run by the very talented Mark Hazell. Mark is just starting up his professional painting service again, and wants as much exposure as possible. One measure of this is to add to the number of followers he has on his blog. When he guest  to 120 followers, he will do a special painted figure as a prize.


Thursday, 26 November 2015

World War One Wednesday (on a Thursday)

Wasn't able to post anything last night, but here is a bit of reflection on contemporary events.
Plus ça change...
Yesterday - A Russian jet downed by Turks
A propaganda poster from 100 years ago.
The conflict between Turk and Russian has a long ancestry. And neither country has a government run by men I would consider trust-worthy.The last time they fought was a disaster for both. Have they learned anything? 


Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Inner Earth adventurers

Assuming he is happy with what I've done, these fine chaps will be headed for a plane to the UK in a couple of days time to find their home with Tim Knight of the world famous Heropress blog. The figures are by Antediluvian Miniatures and are lovely sculpts to paint.
The three adventurers together
Raquel Scotch appropriately attired for prehistoric frolics.

Professor Peter Cushion, armed with an umbrella and a Death Star (no? wrong movie?)
Shug McClure, spear at the ready.
And just to prove that I do paint the back side (, the three from the rear.
Don't ask me what possessed me to paint a pinstripe on the professor, I guess it didn't come out too bad. Peter Cushion had an adventure of his own to get here. On her sixth birthday my daughter thought it would be fun to throw a bouncing rubber ball around the house. I believe that she was seeking vengeance for Alderaan, and got it, knocking off the professor and breaking his umbrella. Despite a pretty good repair job I decided that it was only right to replace the figure, so this is actually a second figure delivered in very speedy fashion by Antediluvian miniatures. The ball has since been appropriately punished.


Sunday, 15 November 2015

Dark Ages dabbling

Yet another pocket project underway, this time the Norman conquest of England. This is really revisiting the period, as I had already painted up a 28mm SAGA project with the same two forces, Norman and Anglo-Danish. These have since passed into John's collection, but an email from Geoff recently piqued my interest as he talked about projects he was considering abandoning. One of them was 15mm 1066. Upon further inquiry he said I could have them if I wanted them. Did I? You bet!

The figures duly arrived and I was very happy to see some of them were painted, and very nicely too, by Rodger, he of Rebel Barracks fame and frequent commenter on this blog. Going through the figures there was more than enough for a 1066 pocket project, although I have ordered a battlepack of Anglo-Saxon fyrd from Lancashire Games (which mix in nicely with these Essex Miniatures - I checked) to create the bulk of the English infantry.

So after some rebasing, here is what we have so far:
The general's unit of huscarles.
A second unit of huscarles
The core of the English line - both units together
English lights - archers.
English lights - javelinmen
A unit of Norman knights
And from another angle (no pun intended)
So a big thanks to Geoff and also to Rodger for his wonderful painting. I hope I can match it withe the rest of the figures.


Saturday, 14 November 2015

Whole way through

The second half of Craig's figures were finished off last night - the rest of the Kiwis and the first 7 Fallshirmjager. The next batch he sends me will be more Green Devils.

I took the photos this morning and light wasn't very good, so the yellowish tinge is the result of using my lamp to illuminate the figures.

Next on the painting tray are some figures for Tim (I haven't forgotten mate!) and a group of Vikings for Geoff. I've given up on painting anything for myself until Christmas...


Wednesday, 11 November 2015

World War One Wednesday # 7

A slightly different image this time. These figures are from issue 14 of Purnell's History of the First World War, which featured the siege of Antwerp. On the left is a British marine, and on the right a Belgian NCO. At the bottom is a naval gun carriage for an armoured train.

Quite appropriate that WWI Wednesday should fall on Armistice Day. I just watched a History Channel documentary containing interviews with the last surviving Aussie Gallipoli veterans. To a man, they felt that Gallipoli was best forgotten, and that foreign wars were to be avoided at all costs. Hopefully their voices don't get lost in these 100th Anniversary commemorations, where their stories are now bigger than them.


Saturday, 7 November 2015

Latest 'winnings'

I had to put the title in inverted commas, because technically, I didn't win this giveaway from Captain Arjun over on Cor Blog Me. That honour goes to Chris Johnson, who then kindly said that if he won he would split the prize and send me this half of it. So thank you to both Chris and Captain Arjun for your generosity. By the way, the Captain has a giveaway every month - right now it is some gladiators - so head on over and have a look at his blog. He also has some great gaming content in a variety of different eras.

Now on to the loot!
The Strategy and Tactics magazine from 1992. It has some great historical information inside - not to mention a whole game!
But the real bonus, for me at least, is this:
Honestly - how many wars were ever fought in this part of the world?
A hexed campaign map of northern France. I plan on using it for a Franco-Prussian campaign similar to the Great Northern War Livonian campaign I fought out - but its ubiquity does not end there. Another pocket project I have is some Napoleonics to fight out one of my all-time favourite campaigns - 1814! If you haven't read up on the battle of Montmirail, you really should. It gives you a chance to field everything from Marie Louises to the Old Guard on the same field and sees Napoleon at his brilliant best.
Then there is the small skirmish that occured 100 years later somewhere in Northern France. I figure I could concentrate on the manoeuvrings of one division in the French army as it comes into conflict with the invading Germans.
And then, stretching it a bit further, The towns could represent oppida in a Gallic Wars campaign.
So, very happy with this latest score, it will see a lot of use, I'm sure.


Thursday, 5 November 2015

Halfway through

My current commission is painting a Bolt Action New Zealand army for Craig. Last night I reached the halfway point.
'I'm sure we're in Italy, sir'
'Damn it. Where am I going to get a decent bottle of whiskey around here!'
'We're the D-Day dodgers...'
'... in sunny Italy...'
'...always on the vino, always on the spree.'
I have another 19 Kiwis to paint and then 6 Fallshirmjager for a total of 25 figures. In return, I've got 25 painted Soviet 15mm tanks. This commission is literally painting for lead.