Saturday, 7 November 2015

Latest 'winnings'

I had to put the title in inverted commas, because technically, I didn't win this giveaway from Captain Arjun over on Cor Blog Me. That honour goes to Chris Johnson, who then kindly said that if he won he would split the prize and send me this half of it. So thank you to both Chris and Captain Arjun for your generosity. By the way, the Captain has a giveaway every month - right now it is some gladiators - so head on over and have a look at his blog. He also has some great gaming content in a variety of different eras.

Now on to the loot!
The Strategy and Tactics magazine from 1992. It has some great historical information inside - not to mention a whole game!
But the real bonus, for me at least, is this:
Honestly - how many wars were ever fought in this part of the world?
A hexed campaign map of northern France. I plan on using it for a Franco-Prussian campaign similar to the Great Northern War Livonian campaign I fought out - but its ubiquity does not end there. Another pocket project I have is some Napoleonics to fight out one of my all-time favourite campaigns - 1814! If you haven't read up on the battle of Montmirail, you really should. It gives you a chance to field everything from Marie Louises to the Old Guard on the same field and sees Napoleon at his brilliant best.
Then there is the small skirmish that occured 100 years later somewhere in Northern France. I figure I could concentrate on the manoeuvrings of one division in the French army as it comes into conflict with the invading Germans.
And then, stretching it a bit further, The towns could represent oppida in a Gallic Wars campaign.
So, very happy with this latest score, it will see a lot of use, I'm sure.



  1. Great luck! Say, is the S&T mag and map only? No counters?

    1. No, no counters, but it isn't a biggie. I wasn't likely to actually play the game in the magazine as is, but use the info for my mini-campaign.

  2. Congrats Nate. I have also been a lucky winner on Captain Arjun's site this year. Enjoy!

  3. Nate,
    You're welcome! The Livonia campaign stuff you kindly sent me was very helpful, and I wanted a way to repay you. (I didn't expect Capn to mail it to you directly, though--that was very nice of him, as this cost him extra postage.)

    I'm hoping this kind of thing spreads. We all have hobby material we have no use for. We could get a little money for it (perhaps!), but I much prefer to see it go to someone who can really appreciate it,most especially kids. I'm teamed up with a group that gives away 6 complete war-game set-ups to kids 14 or under at conventions. (And by complete I mean two painted and based armies, rules, and terrain; the latter done by me, he said modestly). They're low on contributions right now, so on their behalf I've been collecting 15mm ancients from wherever I can get them. I started off with a big box of painted figures someone gave me at some point--mostly odds and ends of course, but eventually we'll be able to fashion a whole bunch of small armies. This is a fantastic way to get youngsters into the hobby. Had someone done this when I was 12, I probably would have blown up from excitement on the spot!

    Anyway, glad you can use the map, and best regards as always,