Sunday, 30 August 2020

Making the August Deadline

Over a month since the last blog post! Not that nothing has been happening. NZ went into Level 2 (Level 3 in Auckland) and shit just all got very weird again. Honestly, I can imagine that the see-sawing of alert levels is playing serious games with everyone's mental health, not just mine, but I found I went into survival mode where I've worked my arse off and then crashed. Having been feeling very on top of things I'm now struggling for the energy to concentrate. Surprisingly, in the last week I seem to have regained my painting mojo while my energy levels sagged, and I think it is because painting is my zen release. Now I have prelim exams to mark and that is seriously impinging on my desire to paint. Therefore, in a way to avoid the guilt of painting when I should be marking, I've decided to do neither and write a long overdue blogpost.

So here is the painting I haven't displayed so far, starting with my work for Infamy Infamy.
4 groups of British warriors for Infamy Infamy. Nobles to the fore.

Skirmishers, painted using the magic of contrast paint, and my Barbarian leader and a musician.

The British army so far. I have another couple of infantry groups, another skirmishers, cavalry, chariots and naked crazies to go.

The Romans so far. Three groups of legionaries, Centurion, Optio and musician, as well as a scorpio. Numidians, slingers and Caetrati still to come.

Alongside my Infamy Infamy I have been steadily painting for Craig as well. Here are Taun Tauns and Rebel Veterans:

Close up of these guys.

And Craig's Wookies, painted the same way as my own using Sorastro's wet-blending advice

My birthday came and went, and with it some inevitable toy soldier acquisitions. There has been a small amount of painting on these new additions to the collection. 
The first of 5 French squads for Trench Hammer in my 54mm WWI project:
A VB rifle grenade team.

The other present was my long overdue descent into the world of Marvel Crisis Protocol. 
Iron Man 


The bases will all be painted when I've finished everyone so that they all match perfectly. I also plan to make sure that my city terrain matches as well. 

The aim for the near future is to get all of the Infamy Infamy figures painted and to get a few games under my belt. Simultaneously I want to finish Craig's Star Wars which is a single unit of rebel pathfinders before moving o nto painting his Wild West Exodus figures. By next weekend hopefully I'll have a some breathing room to play a game of something.