Saturday 13 July 2019

Infiltration - Grimgob's raids continue

The Orc campaign continues, and Grimgob heads west after his victory, aiming for the riches of Geradefurt and the important trading city of Dunzell.
Grimgob moves towards Dunzell.
Along the way the Southern realms have been putting a force together with supplies coming from Sasterten. Hearing of this, Grimgob has dispatched a small force northwards to try to burn the human supplies and weaken their defence of Dunzell.

This was scenario 25 from One Hour Wargames (amended slightly) which has 4 units trying to move off the north edge of the table while the opposition arrive in the battle piecemeal.

All deployment was rolled for. The Orc chariot ended up on the road while the Orc boyz were scattered along the baseline. A unit of handgunners was the lonely defensive force on the hill.

The other two Orc units on the extreme left.

The supply dump - plenty of important goodies here.

The first turn saw the handgunners inflict casualties on a advancing Orc mob - who promptly failed their morale after only one casualty and then proceeded to never rally again all turn.

Despite their initial victory the handgunners couldn't stand toe to toe wit he next unit of Orcs who chased them out of their defenses.

Meanwhile the orc chariot careened towards the supply dump.

The handgunners are still retreating as Grimgob arrives beside the dump, but it is turn 3 and reinforcements have arrived for the humans!

In their second round of hand to hand the Orcs failed their morale. Like their mates, they never rallied for the rest of the game...

Distracted by the need to wildly charge at the enemy, the Orc chariot goes head to head with spearmen.

The last unit of Orc boyz is hit with a devastating volley before it can reach the dump and set fire to it.

Dispatched from the main army at Dunzell as an escort, Southern reinforcements arrive.

Oh dear. A battered Orc unit, and guess what it couldn't manage to do for the rest of the game...

The Orc chariot stands alone, but both sides are battered.

The noose is tightening as the chariot rallies and makes one last charge.

Which the spears are equal to - just! The supplies are safe!
This was a diversion from the next main game, the battle of Dunzell, where both armies will be arrayed in full. Had the Southern Realms lost the supply dump, they would also have lost a random unit from the next battle. Now it will be full forces clashing in the next game, where the leaders will have boasts to fulfill as well.