Saturday, 8 September 2018


Painting has not been easy this past month - work has soaked up a good amount of hobby time, so I was pleased to get a DBA army finished this week. Army I/52d Later Athenians in the Early Greek Hoplite list. My Spartans needed some opposition, and who better than the sons of Attica? I just need to paint up one more psiloi element for the Spartans and a Light Horse for the Athenians and these guys will be able to morph into Bk II/5a and b, albeit the Spartans will look a bit anachronistic without their pilos helmets.

Athenian army gathered for battle
Close up of the cavalry and psiloi.
They had their first outing last night against the Spartans, and have hence recorded their first loss 4-2. It was a rainy day and the ploughed fields were rough going, which led to some interesting moments. Their general may have learned a few lessons though. The Spartan shield wall is a real pig to pull apart, but the Athenians almost managed it! The cavalry was sacrificed needlessly and the Psiloi were on the wrong end of a 6-1 roll which essentially turned the game. I'm still at a loss as to what to do with the Spartan horde element. It usually just sits back and looks after the camp.
In my next battle I'm planning on using this Time of Day display that Stevie whipped up. I printed out the images and glued them to a cut down desk calendar. It means that there are a limited amount of turns within a game to achieve victory for an invading force. I'm thinking about playing it alongside the quick linear campaign that has been outlined here.

In other news I finished Craig's Star Wars Legion stuff.

I think they came out pretty well - certainly look war-torn.

Some DBA battle reports soon I hope.