Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Christmas loot

So sitting here on Boxing Day I thought I'd share my wargaming haul. This has been courtesy of friends and family.

Dan came over from Oz and brought all of his first edition SAGA books to use. John and Mike both still have the first edition rules, so we'll stick with that. But alongside it he also brought two Norman starter armies that he picked up on sale, the Maximilian rules and 4 cars to go with them, and the Great War boardgame that uses the Commands and Colors system, which he figured he'd never get around to playing. I'm pretty blown away, I'd been planning on getting the Great War game at some stage, but then it went OOP waiting for the centenary edition (which is now out). Now I just need the tank and French expansions - expect to see them turn up here this year!
 From Craig I got two British snipers in ghillie suits for Bolt Action (on the left) and Glenn sent me Chancellor Palpatine and 2 Droids on STAPs for my Star Wars collection. All very much appreciated.
From the family I received Black Powder II, and after much thought this is going to be my main Marlburian ruleset. Something that others at the club have played and are familiar with. I also got some wargaming classics - Advanced Wargames and Solo Wargaming from Donald Featherstone, Charles GRant's the Wargame and a reprint made by Athena Books of Peter Young's Charge!. So a real mix of Old School and new school games.
Black Powder II is very pretty

I only have the PDF of Black Powder I, so a new hardback was well justified.

Dan stayed for a couple of days and we got some games played, (more on that later) but Christmas has had a bit of a shadow hanging over it because my octogenarian Dad had a fall and has been in hospital since the 22nd with brain bleeds. He seems to be pretty good, but has to be under observation. This has meant a rush trip to Auckland, and probably more coming up. So apologies to Glenn for not being in touch over the arrival of the figures, I'll be in touch in the New Year.

Otherwise I hope everyone else is having an enjoyable festive season and eating and drinking to their hearts content, with a few little goodies to add to the lead/plastic pile.


Friday, 21 December 2018

Finally getting back to it

The last few weeks I've been doing a bit of extra contract work, so had to hang up my paintbrushes. I managed to get them out again at the beginning of this week and paint some figures for Craig so that I could get them to him before Xmas.
These are the Warlord Games Last Levy

Really characterful figures

Which I enjoyed painting a lot.

And some additional elements for the DBA Carthaginians so that he has some options.
I'm using more washes in my painting of 28s, and I've finally given up on eyes. I've started my Marlburian collection with eyes, so I'm not sure if I'll continue with them, but my ancients project next year is starting from scratch and will be effectively blind. I'm not too sure if my brushes are just not good enough or if my hand-eye co-ordination is going, but my last few attempts at painting eyes have given the goggle-eyed terrors to my troops.