Rule Britannia (and Gaul, Dacia, Germania etc)


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    1. No problem Bruce. I am looking at making some changes to the artillery at some point, but I'm pretty happy with how it plays. Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

  2. Hi,

    I previously played Eagle Rampant and version for Punic Wars which I enjoyed and noticed you had an update Rule Britannia. I am a big fan of the Gallic Wars and had some questions:
    - For Legionary profile in new rules, the Pila is mentioned in the description but is not mentioned as a special rule. Is that because the attack/defense value is 4+?

    - Noticed that 'Drilled' was replaced by Flank rule. The flank rule does not have +1 armor if attacked from the front. Is that due to legionaries already having an armor value of 3?

    - I like the Gaestati profile you created but won't be using it in Gallic Wars period but will use for 'Early' Gallic army (invasion of Italy, Macedonia, Asia Minor, Punic Wars). So I am looking to give a slightly stronger profile for warrior's of Caesar's Gallic war and was wondering if you had any suggestions?

    Your work has allowed me to get back into Ancients Gaming and I am thrilled!