Friday 3 November 2023

WSS in Spain forces completed

 It isn't Napoleonics, but at least it is horse and musket!

A couple of months ago I repossessed my old Spanish Succession armies and decided to finish them off so that I had 10 battalions, 6 cavalry, 4 guns and 3 militia/irregular units in each. Well, a couple of weeks ago I finally painted the last of 41 hand-painted flags and it was all complete.

The armies arrayed

The Franco-Spanish commander and the French line brigade.

The Dutch Brigade with the main Allied commander

Looking from behind the Allied left - the British infantry and cavalry.

Another view from behind the Dutch Brigade facing the hill in the centre of the table.

The Allied right - Catalonian, Austrian and Miquelets

Close up of the Miquelets

The French right facing the British

The French line regiments supported by the 'red Brigade' of foreign regiments - one Italian, one Walloon and one Irish

The Bourbon Spanish

The Spanish cavalry

Spanish militia - two line battalions and skirmishers

Bird's-eye view of the battlefield

These guys were really just posed for the picture - I think any attempt to fight this battle will be a bloody slog with dice and luck playing a good part in the outcome. Might be worth trying though...

The figures are almost all the Warlord Games (Wargames Factory) plastics, with a few metal Ebor command scattered in there.

The plan is that during the school holidays I'll look at doing a solo campaign with them.



  1. A fine looking collection indeed Nate…
    But ‘Completed’?….We all say that….
    But I think we really mean paused…🤣

    All the best. Aly

    1. Ain't that the truth, Aly. It is only a matter of time...

  2. A fine looking 18th century display of wonderful well painted figures.


  3. Replies
    1. Do you think we can make the WSS in Spain the next 'big thing in wargaming', Ray? :D

  4. Good to see you back Nathan! A fabulous collection.