Saturday, 29 February 2020

Luke and the Wookies

It is somewhat exciting that I am only one figure away from completing my rebel force for Star Wars Legion. It has been a highly productive few weeks in that regards, and the small batches that I've painted in - usually 6-7 figures has made it feel like I'm continuously turning out painted figures.
Wookie Warriors completed
A close up of the leader

And the bow-caster

Luke Skywalker in fatigues, with my attempt at the blue glow from the lightsaber

Front on showing the lightsaber blade glow

View of the back

And a gamer's perspective. I feel like I may have overdone the blue light reflection, but the photos look OK.
Once again, Sorastro's painting tutorials were my guide. While I am not as patient as he is in building up layers etc, his overall directions, especially in terms of colour choice, have been very helpful.

With only Han Solo left to paint, I've decided to order Leia as well, just to have the main four characters of the original trilogy.

Once the rebels are complete I plan to finish off my 54mm Great War figures. There are 28 to paint all up, which isn't too many, and then into the Imperials (and Craig's Wookies). Once Star Wars Legion is finished it will be into the Ancients for my Roman and Gallic Rule Britannia armies, and to finish Craig's Seleucids. Then, if I have any time left at the end of the year, I plan to get stuck into the Marlburians.


Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Death troopers

Latest off the painting tray are some Death Troopers for Craig. I tried to follow Sorastro's instructions to create highlights to the black armour that would look natural, but they were just too bright and didn't graduate enough. So I washed them blue-black to dull them down a bit and painted on a gloss varnish to naturally catch the light. Craig hasn't got back to me yet on whether he is happy with this. I figure I can always spray them with matt varnish to bring them back to where they were if he doesn't want the really shiny version. You can see in the photos below some of the painted highlights still showing through.

Wookies tonight I think.


Tuesday, 25 February 2020

The guns! The guns!

A momentary departure from Star Wars Legion today. Last night I painted two field pieces for my 54mm Great War project. Here they are suitably gloss varnished, but in quite a bit of shadow due to the sunny nature of the day.
Emhar German artillery

Emhar British artillery - you only get 3 crew in each pack.

Comparison of the two together

A slightly angled shot so you can see the kneeling crewman a bit more clearly

And in this case you can see the front of the 18 pdr
Emhar 1/35 are quite a bit smaller than the Armies in Plastic figures, but I guess that is all part of the retro style of game that the Great War project will have. I've invested in the Trench Hammer rules, and they look perfect for what I want to accomplish, so I might leave behind my 54mm Great War rules for now.
I have 24 infantry left to paint, and I plan to get into them as soon as the Star Wars Legion is complete. I also think that I will invest in a tank for the British, and if anybody knows of a good place to get 54mm mortars with crews that are unpainted and don't cost the earth, please let me know.


Monday, 24 February 2020

A little two Chewie

Quick post here. Last night I painted Chewbacca - twice! One for me and one for Craig. Vote to tell me which looks better, and I'll give Craig the other one! 😄
Two Chewies

I used Sorastro's video for a painting guide

Rear view with the satchels.


Sunday, 23 February 2020

Good, gooood.

Congrats if you read that title in the Emperor's voice. And it is very good news for him and his guard, and for Craig's Imperial forces, that I have completed this little quintet.
You will join us, or die.
Yup, so that is Sheev all done with 4 of his tough Imperial Royal Guard. I always wondered about that. After all, Palpatine wasn't a King, why were they a Royal Guard? And isn't Imperial and Royal in the title just a bit redundant?

Luckily I have put together a Rebel unit to fight back against them.
For the rebellion!
You might recognise these chaps from the very first scenes in A New Hope, or the very last scenes in Rogue One. Yep, Rebel Fleet Troopers all eager to get chopped to bits by Darth Vader. The movie might be titled a New Hope, but these chaps pretty much had no hope. At least they got to be in a cool scene.

Another thing coming to fruition today is this house for Burrows and Badgers, made by Sarissa Precision.
Scrap outside the hovel!

Wait! We can keep fighting on the inside!

Enough room for a good old brawl!
You may have noticed some furnishings - a chair, a couple of stretcher beds, some jars and sacks. I wanted to make it look like a little lived in, without cluttering it up. Painting the wood grain on the roof and frames was relatively easy but time consuming.

Finally, a camp for the Marlburians. It is pretty bare, but I wanted to be able to garrison it with a full unit, hence the space in front of the tents.
Adding troops to it will help it to come alive.
I just want to say sorry to commentators on the last post that I didn't get their comments moderated until this morning. The moderation thing is a pain, but otherwise you'd be vying for space with Thai casinos, or something like that (the internet - such a wonderful creation for pains in the arse). Needless to say, I value every comment I get, and try to reply in good time. I just got a little busy last week.


Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Rebel, rebel

The latest Star Wars Legion rebels off the production line:
Rebel Pathfinders
 Taking shots at night is a bit awkward. Above are a bit too dark, below washed out by the glare of the flash, but hopefully you get the idea.

Also completed are 2 At-Rts and I've redone the base on this T-47 air speeder, which is one that I originally painted for Craig, but which he has given to me as he didn't feel he needed two!
The original photo was too washed out, which is why these chaps don't have a background.

Can't even see the base in this photo... It's Ok - it looks just like the bases on all of the other rebels.
Next time I'll wait until the next day to take photos!


Sunday, 9 February 2020

Prune Face and acquaintances

As a kid I had a Prune Face figure. I always figured he had been part of Jabba's palace menagerie, and hadn't realised that he was one of the commandos that went to Endor. He is actually a Dresselian named Orrimaarko with a fine combat record and a dislike of human prejudice against aliens within the rebellion. He disliked the fact that Han Solo was chosen to lead the Endor mission (just more human bias and bs), so it must be particularly galling for him that in this set of Rebel Commandos from Fantasy Flight Games for Star Wars Legion, he isn't even the unit leader!
Rebel Commandos, ready to go

Stupid humans - I should be the leader!

Nope! I got the binox, so I'm in charge, right people?
These guys were a lot of fun to paint. The cloaks and coats are in Russian Green and the uniform is in German Field Grey.
I'm currently half way through the next unit of rebel troopers, who have a more dust planet theme to them.

If you want to know more about Prune Face, you could do a lot worse than check him out on Youtube.


Thursday, 6 February 2020

More plain plastic brought to life (or undeath)

She's been working on them for a while now. She initially started last year, and the time it has taken is more about adolescent procrastination than any desire for perfection. But finally my 12 year old daughter painted her first unit:
close up of the 'command' element. (there isn't any such thing, I just gave it that name.)
 I told her the colours to use, gave her a quick example of how to do it, and she did the rest. I've never painted old bronze with its green tinge before so I mixed up the paint for her. It looks quite grey to me, but I think it still does the trick.
In all their bony glory!

These skeletons are going towards her Hades inspired force for Mortal Gods Mythic when it finally releases. She isn't a goth, but she definitely likes the idea of Hades and an undead warband much more than the other options. I finally think I have converted one of my children into playing little toy soldiers with me - when she isn't busy on her phone.

The other thing that I got finished today was my French dragoons. These are the Bouville Regiment that served in Spain, and I'm pretty sure that I've got there colours as correct as they are going to get.
All in their stocking caps.

Slight change in angle
These are all Warlord Games plastics, but I used some green stuff to convert their caps to the correct dragoon shape.

Next on the conveyor belt are some Star Wars Legion Rebel Commandos. Hopefully they will be up here this weekend.