Sunday, 28 April 2019

This week's painting

Another smorgasboard of painting this week. First up are some Greek bits and pieces for Mortal Gods.
A Mantis (seer), Aoidos (musician), Athenian Tropaion (trophy to the gods) and an unarmoured Athenian hero (promachos).

On the other side, a Spartan hero (promachos) in linen armour as all of my other heroes are wearing a bronze cuirass. A new Lochagos, just because this preorder figure that came with the game is so awesome, a Spartan Tropaion, and an unarmoured Spartan hero (promachos).

A unit of Rebel Fleet troopers for Craig's Star Wars Legion armies.

I really like how they came out

The high mage Ariostus and his twin the sorceress Dian. This is the Wizard unit for my Dragon Rampant armies.

I enjoyed building the scenic base - although it now has to move around with them.

Captures the idea of casting magic down upon the enemy.
Back to work this week, I'm afraid. Hopefully it won't slow down the production line too much though.


Tuesday, 23 April 2019

First run of Kill Team

Having painted the models for two sides I thought I'd have a go at the game as a solo endeavour. I usually prefer to play solo, especially in the first few games just to get a good hang of the rules, but I think I will be much better off learning with an opponent. The reason is that there are special rules to remember for both sides, as well as tactics and specialist's abilities, and when you are searching for an advantage over an opponent you learn all of these rules much faster.

At any rate, I still had fun rolling the dice, and even though it ended in a white wash for one side, I think it could have gone either way - especially if I'd remembered some of the rules like Death to the False Emperor!
The battleground all set out and the two sides deployed. Ultramarines would keep winning the initiative for most of the game.

Looking from behind the Chaos lines, the objective is the crate in front of the right hand figure.

Sniper's eye view of the battlefield

In the second turn the Reiver has charged into combat. Chaos Plasma dude is coming to the rescue.

The combat is a hard slog - both sides have good armour and neither has AP weapons in use.

The Space Marine plasma gunner is taken out by the Chaos heavy bolter, but tit for tat, the sniper takes out the Chaos plasma dude.

Good shot that man!

The Intercessor has joined the combat as the Chaos Aspiring Champion charges in to help. The Intercessor will go down before his power fist.

The Space marine Sergeant shows up and his power sword shreds the Chaos champion

Fifth turn and the last Chaos Marine is removed. Ultramarines victorious!

The casualty pile is a bit lopsided.
The scout sniper managed to take out two Chaos Marines by rolling 6s which are mortal wounds. I forgot that Death to the False Emperor gives the Chaos Marines another attack dice in melee. I remembered to ignore the first flesh would because that works for both sides. I did use a couple of specialisms, but generally forgot about them and I didn't even try and use tactics. The game was fun and quick, and I can see it being a great game to play against an opponent, so I'll try and organise a battle against Adam soon. I'll also write out all of my tactics and specialties on a separate sheet so I can find them easily without flicking through the book.

So that makes 3 games that I've completed armies for and tried for the first time these holidays. I'm happy with that. Now back to thinking about work and doing marking and prep. Yay.


Sunday, 21 April 2019

Latest painting

Things that have been finished and not photographed recently (excluding the Mortal Gods Greeks and Fantasy that have featured in the last couple of game reports).

First up - Kill Team Chaos Marines. Now I have two painted kill-teams I should probably try and play the game...
These guys are Slaanesh lovers, because shocking pink is the perfect colour for any great warrior.

Next up, a Fantasy Goblin Rock Lobba. This is an extension/option for the Orc and Goblin army.
You have to love the character in these GW models.
Then there is some Byzantine goodness for SAGA.
Varangians - love those axes!
For the fantasy armies I have some magic users and Elven allied cavalry for the Imperial forces to paint. I've decided that I will use the Silver Helms I've got as an addition to the humans rather than do a full Elven army. I'll have my hands full with Undead and Dwarfs anyway.
The whole Byzantine army is finished and ready now, although their Norman opponents are a little way down the painting queue. Luckily John has finished armies so they may get a run before I create their opponents.
I have 8 figures for Mortal Gods to complete over the next couple of nights and some cart-horses before I get stuck into some Star Wars Legion for Craig, which I want to complete by the end of the week. So hopefully a few more photos next Sunday.


Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Blood on the plains - A Dragon Rampant game

I have a bit of an Oldhammer bent, but don't actually miss the old rules, just the figures. So I figured I'd collect some old figures and use them for Dragon Rampant. I finally completed the last unit last night, so got my first game in of DR, having played quite a bit of Lion Rampant.
The men of the Empire were out on the borders dealing with an Orc incursion which had destroyed a frontier post and begun building a village.
The Empire getting the first turn. The wall at the bottom of the picture marks the table 'edge' for the game. Hence the presence of my tea mug in the shot.

Grimgob the Warlord in his chariot moving forward. We actually had sun this afternoon, so apologies for the lighting.

Imperial spearmen advancing.

The knights containing the leader Goltz von Tarnach had wild charge. Here they think they've got the goblin spider rides, only to see them evade.

Both sides deployed firepower on the flank, and had the idea to cross the river and use it as a defensive barrier to fire from.

Those bloody spiders keep evading!

And they keep shooting at us!

The Imperial defence line with the handgunners crossing the river.

The cannon forces the Orc chariot into a precipitate retreat!

The spiders move sideways and suddenly the goblin spearmen are the nearest target. Charrrrrge! They lose this combat but still inflict enough damage to being the knights to half strength.

Having driven the gobbos off, next target is the Orcs, who bounce off the tin plated humies...

That's it. Time for Bellicose foot to start acting like it!

Oh dear. The Orcs have been repulsed everywhere. The flank is being driven in. Looks like the end is near...

Nope! The Orc Boyz charge into the knights and cut down the last of them, triggering a morale ripple that sees two Imperial units retreat.

To the North the other boyz unit charges a unit of Imperial spearmen, routing them from the table. If Grimgob can charge the cannon and destroy it he will have earned himself 3 points of glory!

But he fails! The last unit of Imperial spearmen charge into the Orc boss and destroy him. The Imperial cannon annihilates the boyz that had broken through. The tables have turned!

Over the river the two missile units stand off against each other, having finally got to the far bank (there were an uncanny number of failed activations for these two)! The Orcs charge and wipe out the Imperial spearmen.

The Spider riders are on their last 24 legs...

The Imperial cannon sees off the last unit of Orc boyz and the game is over.
It was a bloody scenario to play anyway, but it really came down to the wire. The Greenskins looked like they had it won at one stage, but the Empire rallied and held firm. Final score was 6 Glory points to the Empire - they achieved their quest as well as won the scenario - and nothing to the Orcs and Goblins, who were forced to abandon their new village.

Dragon Rampant is a winner. It didn't take long to pick up after my experience with Lion Rampant, the only thing was that 24 army points isn't really enough to take magic as well, so I'll probably increase the number of points that I take in a game. I have an Undead army on the way, and hopefully some Dwarves from John's extensive plastic pile. I have some High Elf cavalry, but really want to get hold of some Elf archers and spear - about 10 of each, as well as maybe a mage or a bolt shooter. I know the 8th edition of Warhammer, Island of Blood had the perfect High Elf force, but even the 4th edition plastics would be cool. I'll have to keep an eye out.


Mortal Gods - Tear it down!

My third game of Mortal Gods made use of my nifty new objective markers, and allowed for quite a different feel to my previous two 'body count' scenarios.
I roll a D12 to determine table set up and scenario, because I believe that such things should be left to the will of the gods, and the result was the first set up and the sixth scenario - Tear it Down! This requires each side to advance into their opponents territory and pillage and burn 2 objectives. Well, obviously there was more pillage than burning involved, as it is a bit pointless setting recovered arms on fire...

The tabletop setup

Objective markers around the farm.

The forces arrayed against each other - some happy sheep graze in between.

On their left the Spartans guard the difficult going with their light troops.

I didn't take any more photos until the end of Turn One, and that was a mistake. Things happen so swiftly that within a single turn their can be a whole pile of outcomes. Above sees the aftermath of a battle in the valley where both sides have suffered heavily. Only one Athenian akontistai is left from his group,  the same with one of the Athenian peripoloi (light hoplites), while the Spartan peripoloi have been forced back. Both Lochagoi (commadners) are heavily involved in the action.

On the far side Spartan light units tie up Athenian Peripoloi and a Promachus (hero).

The situation at the overall end of turn one.

At the start of Turn two the Spartan lochagos forces back the Athenians.

He then orders some of his troops forward into the gap.

The Athenian Lochagos meanwhile helps out his remaining Peripolos.

One of the Spartan Akontistai are shattered and driven back.

The hill is looking very clear now - only the Athenian Lochagos holding the centre.

The Spartans begin to move around the flank of the farm. Athenians move closer to the objectives to contest them.

The Athenian Lochagos secures the first objective.
 (I should note here that I played the objectives wrong. I removed them if they were held by a figure within 3" at the end of the turn. I believe that I was meant to leave them in place and try to contest them, which would have made things much harder for the Athenians).
Spartan Peripoloi secure the first objective.

The crazy Akontistes rushes forward and pelts the Athenian Lochagos with javelins - to no effect.

The Spartan Lochagosbusrts through the chickens in the yard and drives off the defending Athenians.

Rather than waste time dealing with the javelin throwing nuisance, the Athenian Lochagos goes to seize another objective. (If I'd been playing it correctly, he really should have tried to take the akontistes out)

Omens were coming into this game. The Athenian promachos had spent much of his time inspiring his troops, but when they were wiped out by the Spartan promachos and some pretty devastating javelin throwing, he went straight into battle. Unfortunately he had to charge the nearest enemy - the akontistai in cover, and not his counterpart, due to the omen in play at that stage.

Spartans have all the objectives, and the Athenians are being driven away from the farm.

The Athenian Lochagos secures the last objective, but if we imagine them still being there, then the Promachos is contesting the last one. Incidentally, that pesky javelin throwing akontistes managed to get 4 wounds on the Athenian Lochagos! Never underestimate your opponent!

Athenian Promachos slicing up light troops, for no good reason...

Between the akontistes and Spartan Promachos, the Athenian leader is removed from the game.

The surviving full Spartan Peripoloi unit tries to remove the Toxotai (archers) who have just been taking a wound off people here and there throughout the game. The archers drive them off!

The battlefield at the end of the game. 
So the Spartans won, hands down. They held all of their objectives uncontested, while the lonely Athenian Lochagos went down in a blaze of glory. The Athenians also suffered more casualties, which is a change from the first two games where the Spartans lost on the body count scenarios.

The game took six turns and lasted 2 and a half hours. I'm referring very little to the book now, most of what happens is quite intuitive. Terrain rules are simple, but tend to be the thing that I look up as they are not constantly in play. I probably should have read the objective rules a little more clearly the first time, but it didn't affect the outcome.

Mortal Gods continues to be an awesome game to play.