Saturday, 14 November 2015

Whole way through

The second half of Craig's figures were finished off last night - the rest of the Kiwis and the first 7 Fallshirmjager. The next batch he sends me will be more Green Devils.

I took the photos this morning and light wasn't very good, so the yellowish tinge is the result of using my lamp to illuminate the figures.

Next on the painting tray are some figures for Tim (I haven't forgotten mate!) and a group of Vikings for Geoff. I've given up on painting anything for myself until Christmas...



  1. Nice brushwork! I know those BTD Brits very well. In fact, about a half-dozen are on my painting desk now.

    1. Thanks Jon. They are really nice figures to paint - all the BTD range are for that matter.

  2. Lovely job they all turned out great!