Sunday, 29 November 2015

Early on in the rebellion...

Inspired by the TV series Rebels which focuses on a cell in the early rebellion, I decided to come up with a team that was somewhat similar.  In true narrative fashion, I've set up a scenario that explains the origins of my little band.
The table as it is laid out. The Imperial chemical extraction facility is at the bottom of the  picture.
Fisk Torr, brave Nautolan leader, and his faithful Yuzzem sidekick, Huk.
Galok Kroo, Rodian Rogue and his two droids R8-M8 nad B4-G. Below them, Twi'lek Larn, Correllian  Zam Roff, and Zeltron Hazul Fehr. All together they make up a small band of pirates, intent on raiding the Imperial facility.
The Imperial facility, with Grand Moff Tarkin arriving for an inspection. A few extra guard have been put on as a result.
The Moff and his bodyguard/pilot.
The Imperial commander of the facility stands outside the defence bunker awaiting the inspection.
Not far away a scout speeder sent to look for where the Moff has landed has been hit by defence blasters and crash landed. Both pilots have survived, including the Duros Rogg Trida.
Alerted by the crash a party of Stormtroopers prepares to investigate.
The story goes as thus: A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...
Fisk Torr, leader of a band of pirates who have been causing chaos in various parts of the Empire has been informed by his Twi'lek intelligence officer, Larn, that there is a virtually unguarded gerron gasextraction facility on the planet Pupos. Knowing that there are plenty of people willing to pay big money for gerrron gas, Fisk decides his crew could mount a raid.
Meanwhile, unknown to Fisk and his friends, Grand Moff Tarkin has decided to make a surprise inspection of the facility, as gerron gas is important for a top secret space station being constructed. The Rebel Alliance has learned of Tarkin's trip to Pupos, although not his exact destination, and have sent a scouting force out to find and capture him.
It is Rogg Trida's speeder that discovers Tarkin's location, but he is shot down by the facility defence blasters. Rogg has crash landed nearby the facility, just as Fisk's crew turn up.
The idea is that Fisk and Rogg will team up together to help Rogg escape. From there Rogg and his band will join the rebellion for a string of new adventures. Of course, if they all get killed and captured in this scenario, it will be a very short series!

I don't know when I'l actually get to play out this scenario, which will be the beginnings of my playtesting the Lord of the Rings rules conversions that I've done, but I'll post a battle report when I do.



  1. Nice minis spaceships and terrain, Hulk is so...cute!

  2. Excellent stuff Natholeon. I thoroughly enjoyed this post and your thoughts behind it. That's a cracking set-up with lots of wonderful minis too. I'm certainly looking forward to the BatRep when it arrives.

  3. It looks fab and will be awesome played out. Looking for to the report.