Sunday, 15 November 2015

Dark Ages dabbling

Yet another pocket project underway, this time the Norman conquest of England. This is really revisiting the period, as I had already painted up a 28mm SAGA project with the same two forces, Norman and Anglo-Danish. These have since passed into John's collection, but an email from Geoff recently piqued my interest as he talked about projects he was considering abandoning. One of them was 15mm 1066. Upon further inquiry he said I could have them if I wanted them. Did I? You bet!

The figures duly arrived and I was very happy to see some of them were painted, and very nicely too, by Rodger, he of Rebel Barracks fame and frequent commenter on this blog. Going through the figures there was more than enough for a 1066 pocket project, although I have ordered a battlepack of Anglo-Saxon fyrd from Lancashire Games (which mix in nicely with these Essex Miniatures - I checked) to create the bulk of the English infantry.

So after some rebasing, here is what we have so far:
The general's unit of huscarles.
A second unit of huscarles
The core of the English line - both units together
English lights - archers.
English lights - javelinmen
A unit of Norman knights
And from another angle (no pun intended)
So a big thanks to Geoff and also to Rodger for his wonderful painting. I hope I can match it withe the rest of the figures.



  1. It's amazing what pops up sometimes. It has been many years since I last saw these guys. If I remember correctly I did all the blocking in and some of the highlights and then Dave did more highlights. I know those horses are from him!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Phil, although I have to reiterate, all I did was base them!