Thursday, 10 January 2013

Mark V tank

Thought that I would get this 15mm beauty out for a test paint. I'm quite pleased with the results so far - nice and grimy.
Blue Moon Manufacturing Mk V Male tank

I haven't added any markings yet, as I want to wait a while before I 'theme' the force I'm building. When I've done that I'll post it with some figures to give an idea of its relative size.

Quick review
What: Mark V First World War Tank
Who: Blue Moon Manufacturing
Scale: 18mm
For your money you get the option of a Mark V male (6 pdr gun mounted) or female (all machine guns). The kit is resin with metal sponsons, guns, racks and unditching post. Flash is minimal on the resin and can be easily removed with a craft knife. There are seam lines on the metal parts that require filing and I was never able to totally lose them. They are most noticeable under the sponson. This doesn't spoil the kit as far as I'm concerned, as with a little more work they could be totally removed. The racks that run the length of the tank are optional, of course, but I wanted them and found them easy to put on, but vague as to where to attach them on the kit. There are no lugs or anything to guide you - just place and glue. I had no bubbles on any of the resin castings that I bought and the detail is very clear.
Overall: Recommended. Nice detail in the kits, relatively easy to build, not too much prep work.

I have another Mk V and two Whippets still to paint, as well as a German A7V.


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