Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Upgrading the 1973 armies

All of the forces for the Yom Kippur War are now painted to a nice wargames standard. So I am revisiting them a few at a time to perform an 'upgrade' to their paint job. This essentially consists of painting lenses and applying chipping and better weathering. I am impressed with the efforts of Greg at the Fawcett Avenue Conscripts with his Golani Yom Kippur project and always blown away with the work of Tim Rich a.k.a. Tacobat when it comes to painting modern armour. The lense thing is a something that I think will get better with practice, but I've given it a shot on these T-55s.
The best lenses are the ones that are out of focus...
A front on of the T-55 with the best lenses - except I can see I forgot to paint the ones in the hull!
A side on view of the boss T-55 showing the effects of the side weathering.
Compare these with the 'before' photos
Somewhat dull in comparison. Definite improvement I think.


  1. Very nice the new pics are a lot better and crisper!

    1. Cheers Ray. I think they do have a bit more character now.

  2. Great work Nath, these look boss as! If you are looking to refine your technique I would suggest holding off on the white and doing more of a 'transitional' build up over the lens. These days I tend to say pure white for the 'sun' up the top and leave the lower half a lighter blue, rather than moving to a pure white.

    Hope that helps!

    1. Thanks for the tip, Tim. I'll give it a shot.