Friday, 4 January 2013

DC delivery

Just prior to Christmas I ordered a few Heroclix figures from Strikezone online to start my DC collection. Strikezone is always pretty swift with international delivery, and I secretly hoped they would make it here before the holidays, but alas it was not to be. They arrived yesterday and I immediately got to work rebasing them.
Always nice to open the mailbox and find a package of these chaps.
The idea was to round out the Justice League and get a few of the better known villains. I actually ended up making a few stuff-ups with this order. I accidentally ordered two Gorilla Grods, Brainiac 5 as well as Braniac 13 and the Parasite, even though he was on my second list (and his double is in the post as I type).
I bought two Lex Luthors, one in prison clothes and one in the power armour that he had when I was first introduced to him as a Super Powers figure. However, as  I was removing the armoured figure from his base I stabbed myself (quite deeply) in the palm of my hand with a hobby knife. If anyone needed further proof that Luthor is evil, look no further!
Also, notice Amazo. He has to have the most ridiculous costume and name in the DC Universe. I just love it.
I ordered my second lot of DC characters just after Christmas with some of the cash I got given, and hopefully these will be here in a few days.
If you are scanning the above picture looking for the big three, you can stop now. I had already purchased Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the Joker when I was buying Marvel figures. They have already had the repaint treatment.
The Big Three - victims of my repainting!
I also came up with a few good mods for the Simple Superheroes game over the break, and will playtest and share these soon.


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