Sunday, 6 January 2013

Marlburian parade

To prove that I can actually finish a wargaming project by myself, I thought I'd post evidence in the form of my Marlburian armies. Put together for the Black Powder rules, the end result was that the Franco-Bavarians and Grand Alliance each fielded 12 battalions, 6 regiments of horse and 4 guns per side.

The armies clash at the fictional battle of Dolfstein
The Grand Alliance on parade

The Franco-Bavarian army in serried ranks

Sadly, I sold these figures last year to fund some other project ( Flames of War WWII I think). Happily they live 20 minutes down the road in my wargaming mate John's house, ready to be games with whenever I like. Hurray!

The figures are Lancashire Games 15mm (18mm). Here are close-ups of some of the regiments.
The Danish Prins Georg Regiment

The French-Irish Dillon Regiment

The Prussian Alt Dohna Regiment

The French Regiment Cosse
Prussian Wartensleben's Horse

French St Genie Hussars

Danish Sjaellandske (Zealand) Regiment

French Royal Italien Regiment

Bavarian Haxthausen Regiment
All of these pics have appeared scattered throughout the old NDC Blog, but I thought I'd take a trip down memory lane and try to put them all in one place.
The new version of the Marlburian project is the Seven Years War Prussians and Austrians, a project that I've bumped up the painting schedule.



  1. That's a nice collection! I'm not sure I could bring myself to sell mine even if it was to a friend down the road!

    1. Thanks, Al. I have a weird attitude to armies that I build. I dedicate time and effort, reach my goal and then decide it is time to move on to something else. Sometimes I'll play a few games with them before I sell, but generally speaking they look nice in John's cabinet and I have access to them (he gets them at discount because of that) and I don't regret selling. I might feel different if they went to someone and I never saw them again.