Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Miscellaneous projects

And now we come to the wargames projects that don't really fit with any of the other classifications. The first is the Three Musketeers. these are 18mm Blue Moon figures and have piles of character in them. Why did I buy these? Well, I'd like to say that it was the inspiration of the original novels, or one of the movies or maybe just the swashbuckling genre as a whole. But really I have no idea why this topic attracts me above all the other skirmish games possible, it just does.
Musketeers face off against the Cardinal's guard.
Maybe it is the puffy sleeves I like. Wait a minute. I've got it! they are all wearing waistcoats! See my earlier entry on Star Wars for why this could be an attractive feature.
I've painted basically what you see above, but have purchased the entirety of the Blue Moon figures available to be able to create some great little narrative games. The coach in particular is very good. Rules will be Flashing Blades from Ganesha Games.

The other game I'm slowly painting figures for is Force on Force set in Afghanistan. Except I'm actually thinking that it is more likely to be set in an Afghanistan-like modern imagi-nation. I haven't settled on a name yet, but Krapalakistan has a nice ring to it. It allows for a lot more back story without the baggage of the modern conflict. 
British soldiers with a WMIK.
Finally I'm also looking at Victorian Science Fiction, probably using the GASLIGHT rules, and also largely set in Krapilakistan, or whatever I'm going to call it. I just purchased some 18mm British, German, French and US colonial figures through North Star Minis, and have already put together some mechanical monstrosities. I'll look to Blue Moon Manufacturing to bulk the project out - The French Foreign Legion, Horror and Darkest Africa ranges have plenty of potential for expanding the collection and adding character.
Blue Moon Manufacturing Men and Women Adventurers
Blue Moon Manufacturing Missionaries, Explorers and Victims
Both the above pictures are from the Blue Moon catalogue.
A scratch-built walker. Those are 10mm WWI figures next to it, as originally I was thinking of a 10mm Weird World War One project. But I think it will happily fit in with Victorian Science Fiction 18mm.
So those are the projects that defy classification in any of the other entries that I have made, and which will glory in the title Miscellaneous. Should these projects take off into core games that are played all the time, then they will receive their own labels.


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