Saturday, 5 January 2013

Further DC goodness shows up

After yesterday's post about the present in the post, I was expecting the follow up would be a while away - after all, there was ten days between the two orders to Strikezone Online. Lo and behold, in the mailbox today was the second shipment. I haven't had time to rebase them yet, I just wanted to highlight the vagaries of the postal system.
Maybe they were hurried along in a boom tube?
Missing from the picture is Zatanna who I have swiftly rebased and placed on the painting tray. I am unable to decide who is the sexier character - Zatanna or Lady Blackhawk, but add in Emma Frost and you have my three favourite Super-chicks in comics. OK, male chauvinist pig mode off now.

I still have a large number of 'clix that I want to order, particularly to fill out the DC Universe collection - the rest of the Justice Society and a few of the bigger baddies - Giganta, Mongul etc. I'm still missing the Inhumans, Apocalypse and Mr Sinister from the Marvel Universe, not to mention I'd like some Sentinels. So plenty more to buy yet.

In other news, just to show you how inconstant I am, I have been rereading the Supersystem v.2 rules, and think that I will have another crack at them. They are certainly simpler than the v.3 rules, but maybe after playing v.2 for a while I'll be able to get into v.3 easier? Worth a crack. Speaking of which, my hand that Lex Luthor defiled with a craft knife (I know it was his plan) split open again today while mowing the lawns. Maybe I should have got stitches, but it just seemed too eeny weeny to warrant it. But it is pretty deep which is why when it starts bleeding it gets very messy, very fast. The things that we do for our nutty hobbies...



  1. That's a great looking collection!

  2. Thanks, Ray. I hope to actually have a few pictures of some painted figures soon - I finally got back behind the brush tonight after a month's hiatus.
    Cheers for being the first commentator on the new blog!