Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Horse and Musket

When I first started wargaming for real, I played Napoleonics. I would have been about thirteen I think, and was using Esci and some Airfix figures (Airfix Napoleonics were pretty much out of production apart from the Imperial Guard and British Hussars). I built up a large French army and a bit of a man-crush on Boney. I have to admit that my admiration for Boney has cooled somewhat over the years, but he still remains one of the most interesting figures in history.
Still a hint of bromance in the air maybe?
Napoleonics has been an off again on again project ever since. I've bought armies in 6mm, 15mm, 20mm, and 28mm and finished none of them. One of the biggest problems that I have encountered is the intricacy of painting on such a large scale requires complete attention, and I am a bit of a wargames butterfly. The other problem has been rules. I don't like big battalions, but I want to manouevre battalions, not brigades. So I want 16-18 figures to a battalion. Not a lot out there for that. I want simple rules that reflect the tactics of the time well. Again not easy to find, at least in my mind. And lastly, I don't want rules that require thirty to forty units a side. I want to get up and running as soon as possible. I think I have found what I want in the rules of Neil Thomas in his Introduction to Wargaming book. I've amended them by incorporating simultaneous phases and adding on extra command and control and refined skirmishing rules. But I haven't playtested them yet.  It will be soon though, because the French Revolutionary Wars project is half way through, and I believe that it will get finished!
Full of fervour the ferocious French go forward
While the gallant Grenzers go on guard
I've chosen the 1790s and the French Revolutionary Wars as the era to model. I love the uniforms and the whole of Europe trying to defeat the Revolution, and of course, Napoleon in Italy where he performed a fantastic series of campaigns before he had the benefit of also being the head of state.

Alongside the French Revolution I also have a 15mm Seven Years War project that will be put together, but I don't see it being in 2013. I have managed to paint a couple of units mind you.
Prussian Infantry Regiment 18
Austrian Infantry Regiment 3
Currently the French Revolutionary figures are sitting on my painting tray, and are the project du jour, so expect updates of these chaps as they are finished.


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