Sunday, 23 December 2012

The 1973 Arab-Israeli War project

I am currently working on a project that uses Flames of War to play games set in the 1973 Yom Kippur War. My interest in this conflict was first piqued as a teenager, but I didn't really get to grips with what happened until I did an honours level paper at University in Middle Eastern politics. After playing Flames of War World War Two for a while, I began to think about the possibility of using the rules for Yom Kippur. Luckily I was not alone in this. A chap named Owen Heather in Australia was working on a similar project, and he shared his work with me. I have to admit that I have done very little in the way of writing, but I have done a bit of playtesting of the lists he wrote. Unfortunately there has been so much going on that my plan to playtest the lists under the third edition of Flames of War has not yet got off the ground. Nevertheless, I have kept adding more vehicles and putting together more scenery, so I aim to be playtesting quite a bit this year.

The army lists that Owen put together can still be found on my old blog here:

For now, some photos of the project which give an idea of what I have done so far, and what can be looked forward to in terms of battle reports.

Quality Castings Ishermans passing a settlement
Quality Castings Centurions face down an attack by a multitude of Command Decision T-55s
Quality Castings Israeli Infantry
Israeli Magach upgraded Command Decision M48 tank (using barrels from Quality Castings Centurion Sh'ots Cals)
1/100 Tamiya MiG 21 of the Egyptian Air Force
 Quality Castings Egyptian Infantry and T-62 tank
Quality Castings Centurion Sh'ot Cals pass a burning QC T-62.


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