Wednesday, 16 December 2015


While I await the figures I've ordered for 1588 I thought I'd get another skirmish project underway. This is the first buntai for Ronin and represents men from the clan of Tomuchisake Dan.
The Buntai assembles under a Torii gate.
The Samurai leader.

The companion Samurai.

Ashigaru with yari.

Asigaru with Yumi

Ashigaru with teppo

Note that they all bear the mon of the Tomuchisake clan - a stylised half empty sake bottle.
All figures are from the Perry Samurai range. Although I've now painted plenty of this range for Geoff, this is my first time dealing with Japanese armour with all of its laces. I've learned a few things that I'll keep in mind for when I paint up the opposition to this group, the buntai for Yumisushi Nate. First and foremost is the top of the do (cuirass) and how it connects at the shoulders. Second, it would be a good idea to leave the area under the laces that connect the kusazuri (tassets) black in order for the laces to stand out more. This clan has gone to the expense of lacquering all of the armour red, but the next one will be in metallic black, so the laces and clothing will provide all of the colour.
In the meantime, I have some fallshirmjager to paint for Craig, so I'll get cracking on a few of them next.