Friday, 11 December 2015

1588 - the figures

Having decided to put this project together the first question that came to mind was what figures to use. Well that one was easy - the Vendel Miniatures Border Reivers that I sold a couple of years ago. OK, so I would need to replace them. It turns out that there is no Vendel Miniatures any more. The range has been sold to Sergeant Major Miniatures. This is annoying because postage from the US is always more than the equivalent from Royal Mail. Never mind, I have duly ordered the Maxwell clan. It could just as well have been the Johnstones - the name isn't as important as the quantity of figures - 16 foot and 4 cavalry, all in various poses. This will give me the guts of the posses that I need (I've used the word posse rather than faction or unit for a bit of period flavour).
An example of the SMM (ex Vendel) figures.
OK, so that is the rank and file taken care of. Now, the characters. No contest here. These three packs from Wargames Foundry:

The only thing about Foundry is that they are like buying gold figures, not white metal ones. Nonetheless, I'm committed to this project and so NZ$100 for 18 figures sounds entirely reasonable...
But I'd like some civilians too, just for a bit of window dressing and NPCs who might need rescuing. 
Foundry don't do these, but their sister company Casting Room Miniatures does:
These chaps (and chapess) have duly been ordered. But are five civvies enough? I don't think so. This is where the Assault Group can come to the rescue. Now unfortunatley I can't post photos of their figures, but I can link to them here:
The Assault Group also has Gloriana herself, in armour astride her warhorse.
So that is the figure sourcing for the humans. If anyone has any other suggestions, please let me know.
The other figures have already been bought - the ships for Galleys and Galleons in 1/2400 scale, just in case I get the mood to take to the seas for a full on naval battle.
The entire project so far
Above you can see my one completed galleon and a feisty female with obligatory ripped dress. She was part of a pirates haul I got a number of years back and she's just been sitting around ever since. I splotched some paint on her last night. I think she works quite well for the period.

The second phase will be to start expanding into some supernatural posses - undead and witches are the two definites for the future.



  1. Splendid figures for this beautiful period!

    1. The colour and look of the ELizabethan period was one of the reasons that I chose it.

  2. Sounds good and the figures are certainly nice.

    1. That is one of the beauties of this period. Although the choice is limited compared to Napoleonics or Ancients, the figures that are available are all well-sculpted and quite atmospheric.