Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Vive l'empereur - second time around

Yes it is the first French unit for the Franco-Prussian War.
Allons mes enfants!
These chaps are 15mm figures from Lancashire Games and they paint up very easily indeed. It's funny, looking at the photo above the guy on the right looks like he is trying to do squats, but the poses are actually very natural in real life. 
Seen from behind
The figures are only marginally bigger than the Rank and File Prussians, and it is only when you put them side by side that the difference is really noticeable.
Officers see eye to eye but the French Line have obviously been eating better than their Prussian counterparts.
I still have to fix the edges of the flag and varnish the figures, but the French army is underway! Chasseurs up next.



  1. Cool! Where are you getting your flags?

  2. They are downloads from warflag.com, resized for 15mm and printed on a laser printed. They work really well.

  3. They look beautiful, nice job!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Rodger - and I hear it has prompted Geoff to get his 15mm Franco-Prussians out too!