Saturday, 26 September 2015

Henchmen for a Joker gang

I was wanting to get onto my next lot of commission work for Geoff, but the weather was rubbish and I couldn't do any undercoating, so I thought I'd pull out a couple of bits that were ready to paint. One was some WWII Kiwis for Craig in Napier, the other was a few Heroclix figures that I am planning to use for the Batman Miniatures Game.
Now I have to say that the Batman minis from Knight Models are very nice indeed (if a little pricey) and I have thought about buying some many times, but it all comes back to the fact that I have a whole pile of Heroclix figures sitting there already, and I don't even know if I will like the game. So for once I put common sense before 'ohhh shiny' and decided that I would use what I had - at least to begin with.
Triston and August, homemade style.
One of the things about the Batman game is that henchmen are not customisable. I would have thought that you would be able to kit them out with handguns or whatever, but the basic stats are locked down fairly tight, and even the basic thugs are named characters. So I looked at the goons that I had and what they were equipped with . One had a shotgun - the BMG equivalent was Triston. One had no weapons, but a clown called August had an axe, so I raided a Wargames Factory Viking and, voila, two goons for a Joker gang. The last thug had a handgun and a bag, which I have converted by adding a poncho and replacing the bag with a nasty looking knife. He is still a work in progress but will be the Asker. Then there is the Joker, who is also half-way done. Tonight I'll be painting purple.

The heavy weapons for Craig's army are also not finished, but here is a shot of the work in progress:
Urban bases for the Italian theatre.
I have to admit to enjoying painting the bases and making them unique more than painting the actual figures! I should have these finished by tonight. Then I'll be onto those 17th Century English chaps!



  1. Love the Batman conversions, great ideas for both.

    1. Thanks Michael. I have a few more coming too.

  2. Nice job on the goons and a great idea. The Batman game is fun I have only played a couple of time but I quite enjoy it. Have fun!

    Basing looks nice as well.

    1. Thanks Simon. I read up on the rules while away on holiday, so I'm feeling ready to have a go soon.

  3. Those lads look awesome! Great modelling Nate!