Friday, 25 September 2015

A dabble in the Italian Wars

Here are some samples Allan from Lancashire Games gave me to paint up. I have to confess to being a long time fan of history and aesthetic of the Great Italian Wars, but never having bought figures for the period. Always too many other things in the way. However, When this range is released I plan to buy a couple of armies, about the same size as the Samurai armies I have for use with the One Hour Wargames rules.

First up are two fully armoured gendarmes. These are big figures - that is a 40x 30 base that they are mounted on. You could easily fit the required 3 figures for DBx on these bases, but I prefer to mount my figures prior to painting, and it is very hard to paint troops when they are shoulder to shoulder.
The figures themselves were vrey clean, so not much time needed for prep, and they are very easy to paint - no difficult to reach detail.

Next up are some lighter armoured chaps. I'm assuming that they are Genitors with their three quarter armour and lances.
I'm looking forward to these being released - I might even be able to paint a decent candy-stripe by the time I've completed a whole army of them!



  1. Cool figures! Looks like they will be very colourful armies!

  2. Splendid, impressive job on the spears...

  3. Great work and your "barber" poles look quite good to me.

    1. Thanks Jonathan. I guess this quartet really needed to be wearing boaters instead of helmets...

  4. Quite nice and I agree with Brother Jonathan, you've done a particularly nice job with the lances. Cracking work.