Wednesday, 23 September 2015

More Gauls

Looking back, August was one of my most prolific posting months; and then - silence. Just when I got on a roll of painting, playing and posting, exam time rolls around. So after a two week hiatus, I'm back, and hopefully normal service will resume.
The latest work off the painting tray are these Gauls, half a dozen slingers and 9 warriors to flesh out the Gallic Wars infantry for Eagle Rampant:
All sporting the latest hairstyle craze
Some of these guys need to catch up to be a fashion victim.
I've also now sold all of my Gauls, including the guys above. Initially I was planning to redo this period in 15mm, but the fact is that I'm not that big a fan of painting ancient armies. I'm not sure what it is, certainly not the period itself - I teach Classical Studies and love the Greco-Roman world. I actually believe it might be shields. Or maybe the amount of flesh that needs to be painted. 

Whatever the reason, my real historical wargaming focus tends to be the horse and musket and modern eras - from 1700 to today. I now have French and Russian Napoleonics from Lancashire Games which will be next on the personal painting list after Franco-Prussian War. I've also said that I'll take on another commission for a friend down in Napier in exchange for some painted Flames of War Soviets. It has been almost a year and I've been away from the game long enough to be looking forward to getting back into it. This is helped by the imminent arrival of Team Yankee - Cold War FoW. I will certainly be one of those who wants to fight it out in the Fulda Gap.

Next on the painting tray is a Front Rank Seventeenth Century British Regiment for Geoff, and a couple of test figures for Allan from Lancashire Games.



  1. Nice painting. Like you I have been away from FOW for a long time. Team Yankee has made me interested though.

    1. I find that I can overplay games and then I need a break. I've been on a break from Warhammer 40K since 1999...
      Team Yankee hits my sweet spot - mid 1980s - when as a kid I was buying books with lots of technical detail on tanks and planes.

  2. Beautiful painting, great colors!

  3. Splendid work on these guys Nate!

  4. Well! These fellas look marvelous. BTD, I presume? I seem to recognize many of the figures.

    1. Yes, definitely BTD. I really like painting their figures - it is the faces I think. Full of character.