Sunday, 24 April 2016

My Wargaming Week 5

We won't mention what happened to number MWW 4...

So this week I have finished some figures for Geoff, and built some jungle terrain for Flames of War in Burma.
The first Japanese troops arrived yesterday
And were cleaned and based by last night.
I built another two T-72s, but then decided I couldn't really justify the Cold War when I've decided to do Japanese from scratch, so I've organised to paint these and swap them with Craig for some painted Japanese. It all works out.
The start of a new game board for super heroes as of this afternoon. The bottom left square will have a building on it soon. The corners are on cork tiles so that the board is modular.
My second game of the week was Commands and Colours Rolica. I played the French again, and again I won. I like this game. The other game I played on Friday night was Flames of War mid war where my Soviets got run over in uncompromising fashion by some Panthers and a Stuka. Fortunately no pictures exist of this humiliation.
And while at Mike's for the game:
I picked up some Staghounds and Engineers for my New Zealand army (which is also my Burma army)
Reading material turned up. The left hand book has some fantastic Angus McBride artwork in it. The books on the right are part of the DC Graphic Novel collection.
The painting tray as of Thursday night. I'm a bit further along now and hope to have them finished very soon.
I've also decided to part with the Arab-Israelis (again) and swap them for a mass of WWII Soviets with Craig. Not that I don't like the '67 and '73 wars, it is just that they haven't been played with in ages. I know that the Soviets will get plenty of use.

I've also organised a number of DBA armies out of my Gallic Wars and Dark Ages collections. I'm going back to my old favourite for some solo gaming. You know, when they are painted.

Blog of the Week
Considering that I haven't written my review yet, it is important that other's know a bit more about the GNW compendium. As such, I'll share this review from everyone's favourite Norwegian, Gunfreak. Spelling in English is not his friend but his review is very balanced and in line with my own thoughts.



  1. Wow, loads going on Nate, and you're clearly a very busy wargamer at present :-) Love the look of the superheroes table and you should get loads of inspiration from Superman/Batman "Public Enemies". Ed McGuiness's artwork for it is top notch imho. You're also making the Japanese look an enticing FOW army, so I'm looking forward to seeing how this force builds up over time.

  2. My goodness, there is certainly a lot going on here, the Supers board looks very interesting.

  3. You look like you are a rather busy man Nate!