Sunday, 10 April 2016

My Wargaming Week 3

An interesting week just gone by in one's empires. First and foremost, some painting done for myself:
Irregular Miniatures 15mm Crimean War Russian Hussars
Irregular Miniatures 15mm Crimean War Russian Artillery
Lancashire Games 15mm Crimean War Sardinian Lancers
 Yes, this week saw me complete the last few units for the Crimean War project, and simultaneously decide to abandon it altogether. That is right, my butterfly attention span has drifted back to the Great War, and so I made a swap with John which saw my Battlefront Great War British and German armies come back home:
But... they aren't even painted!
In another fit of craziness I decided that I would abandon all Horse and Musket periods except the Great Northern War. Hence, I have sold off the beginnings of my Napoleonic project and put the Franco-Prussian War stuff into storage. What is replacing them?

First of all, WWI - I have 15mm armies for France, Germany, Russia, Austria-Hungary and Britain  all in 1914, awaiting a paint brush, as well as the recently returned 1918 British and Germans. These are all to be played with variants of Flames of War, which suits me as it is the most frequently used rules in our club, and I might actually have the hang of most of it.

FoW is also a winner with World War II armies taking centre stage. Mid war Soviets and Germans as well as Late War New Zealanders and Germans. The impetus for this has been the painted Soviets and Kiwis that I am getting from Craig in exchange for painting his bare lead. It means I just need to worry about getting the Germans done. And to that end, today I put down a black ink wash on my panzers:
Grey - just like my cat.
Next step - some decals.
I also painted half a dozen Shermans this week, as Craig's Kiwis didn't have any armour:

I'm waiting on a can of spray varnish to seal some weathering pigments onto them. I also thought I had some British tank decals, but can't find any, so maybe I didn't.
Alongside my Arab-Israeli's and Team Yankee, it is looking like a very FoW year ahead. I have to say that I am also looking at the Pacific War releases and being sorely tempted by them. I'm also pondering giving Allan from Lancashire Games some more cash and putting together some Turks and Imperial British for WWI Palestine. Decisions, decisions.

The funding for any adventures in the Levant and/or Orient will come from the next commission, part of which can be seen here on the painting tray:
Some lovely 28mm figures to get stuck into for Geoff. 10 Perry Hessian jagers and a Front Rank artillery crew.

Blog-Post of the Week

I also thought it worth adding something else to my weekly wrap up, which would be my blog-post of the week. Although I don't comment nearly enough, I enjoy all of the blogs that can be found in my blog-roll on the right hand side of your screen. This week, the honours are shared between two thought provoking pieces. First of all, Trebian's Wargaming for Grown Ups tackled the very grown up issue of women in gaming. His own comments, and the original blog post that inspired it are well worth reading. I wanted to comment, but words just failed me.
Second is Legatus Hedlius with a more mundane topic - tinned corned beef! Very informative, especially from a Great War point of view - although I can't stand the stuff myself. Meat was so plentiful growing up in NZ I never had to resort to getting it from a tin. Shrimps on the other hand...



  1. Excellent week in review. Good to see work on your Crimean War project but a little disappointed to see it abandoned. Best wishes in your new project directions. Sardinian horse look very good!

  2. Superb stuff Nate, I was enjoying the Crimea pieces so sorry to hear that you have moved on from them. That said the Great War project sounds good too.

  3. I like the cossacks Nathan. Quite timely for me as three unit of cossaxks were waiting for me on the doorstep when I arrived home today!