Sunday, 3 April 2016

My Wargaming Week 2

Another busy week in the hobby.
First up, I've completed the Herman Goering Division commission from Craig. Last photos are here:

 Not forgetting what I completed earlier in the week:

So that makes 3 platoons of 27 figures, 1 platoon of 39 figures, a heavy platoon of 18 figures, a company HQ and a gun platoon of 21 figures altogether. A grand total of 159 figures in 4 weeks. Phew! But that isn't all. I managed to dip the Shermans for my New Zealand 1945 army and matt varnish them:

The first wave of Team Yankee Soviets arrived, and I've sorted them out:

I'll do a proper review soon, but the upshot is that the figures are really nice sculpts let down by some pretty ordinary casting. A lot of flash and mold lines to clean, and the barrels on the AK-74s are a bit flimsy, made worse by the amount of flash attached to many of them. Sad face for you Battlefront :( !

The first T-72 has been constructed and this was pretty easy going. I think I'll enjoy painting them up.

A repaint of the Animal Man heroclix figure. This was a bit of fun for a project that will get its day in the sun soon, I hope. Needless to say that this isn't Animal Man - he is a member of my own Superteam I've designed for gaming with. His superhero name is 'Groover'.

I sold a few bits and pieces - mostly books - and these have funded my accumulation of the last few Great Northern War figures and the last couple of blisters I needed for WWII in Italy. This came on top of exchanging some figures for three Tiger tanks with Paul.

If these don't look like Battlefront tanks, you are both right and wrong. They are the first Tigers that they produced before going to the grey resin most people are familiar with. These came out before the company released the Flames of War rules. Collector's items, I'm sure!

Of course there was also a couple of games of Commands and Colors in there as well, just to prove I don't only collect and paint in this hobby of mine. These have got their own posts.

And finally the painting tray as arranged for this week. I've got some figures to paint for Geoff, but before I do I'm going to so some painting for myself. The Kiwi Shermans and some Russians for the Crimean War should make a nice change of pace.



  1. You have been busy this week, Nathan! Continue to enjoy your WWII work.

  2. You really are a busy man Nate! Can you send some of your energy down here please!