Saturday, 30 April 2016

Baron Death

Sounds like a lovely character doesn't he? Well - he's not! He was designed a number of years ago by myself and Dan to be the arch-nemesis of the superhero group we created named Delta Wave. Delta Wave isn't the most inspired name for a group, but heck - we were 12!
Baron Death - in the plastic!
 Flicking back through the piles of paper that I've kept from our rather inventive youth. I came across this illustration of the good Baron, done by Dan. In this incarnation of the character he had a habit of stealing people's souls and creating an army of zombies as a result. I like that evilness, so we will stick with it!
His bio states that he is a Pakistani terrorist with a mucked up face. Why would he call himself Baron then? Wouldn't he go with Khan or something? A much later variant saw him as a Belgian. I like the Pakistani angle though - very contemporary, which it wasn't in 1989 when we invented him. He is very ancient, killing people and stealing their souls keeps him alive, so he is a bit like a vampire - with a horde of zombie followers. I think that makes him sufficiently badass to be Delta Wave's nemesis.

The first member of Delta Wave to be invented was a guy called Aphid. He has the power to draw on photosynthesised energy from plants and use it to boost his strength and toughness. He can also project powerful bio-electric blasts. This makes him much cooler than his original incarnation where he was a second rate Ant-Man (so does that make him a third rate superhero?).
A repainted Animal Man becomes the Aphid
The original design for Aphid. Green and gold was just too Australian though...
The next chap I have put together is Ore. He started life with the code-name Dustmaster, but this made him sound like a vacuum cleaner. Ore has the ability to take particles of dust and dirt and cement them together into temporary rock. After a while, without him consciously holding it together, the rock crumbles back into dust and dirt. He went through a bit of a shift in abilities too, where he could simply control dirt and rock. I prefer the original version to be honest.
Ore, standing on a rock pile that he generated  underneath himself. His body is covered in a thin rocky coating that gives him increased toughness in combat.
I can't find any original drawings of Ore (or Dustmaster), so here is a later one that has a couple of panels showing Aphid, Ore, and the hithertofore unmentioned, Aura:
Try to ignore the awful dialogue... and art...
In this version Ore simply wears armour, so I've stuck with a 'clix figure with the same ouline but given him a coating of polyfilla for a rocky carapace.

There are more supers on the painting tray as I write. They will appear soon.



  1. Excellent figures and love the old artwork too!

  2. This is wonderful, great to see your original drawing too.

    1. Thanks Michael. Time to get a bit nostalgic for my well-spent youth!

  3. Truly great stuff!! as another who creates his own superheroes I can appreciate how good these are. Inspiring stuff sir! Really looking forward to seeing the rest of them.

    By the way have you seen the "Forgotten Heroes" project a few of us are running in June? Details are here...

    It would be great to have you on board.

    Cheers Roger.

    1. Thanks Roger. There is the odd hero or villain that I've looked for amongst the clix' and not found - could be a worthwhile challenge! I just have to remember who they were...

  4. Cracking stuff, especially the original artwork!

  5. Incredible work there, Nate. Very inspiring, both in the characters' stories and your amazing figure work. More! More!

  6. That's good to hear - I'm already swiping Baron Death for my game (I was thinking about a soul-eating character anyway).

  7. These are cool love the paint job on Baron Death!