Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Who's Who Wednesday

I enjoy a pun as much as any other nerd, but this one is awful. The Force of July doesn't stop with a terrible team name, though - no, there is much more to inspire the cringe factor in the modern reader. The characters have abysmal names and terrible backstories. Take for instance, Sparkler, a 'young boy whose powers make him a human fireworks display.' Or Lady Liberty 'a woman presumed to be of French origin' of course, despite this being a top secret US government operation. How about Silent Majority - a man who doesn't talk much and can produce duplicates of himself. It is like someone sat down and decided they needed a team that represented conservative American values, rattled off some words associated with Stars and Stripes patriotism and then made characters that would fit the names. In fact I'm pretty sure that is exactly what their creator, Mike Barr, did. Pretty hokey for the 1980s, but enough to make me choke on my tea in 2015.
'You'll never take our guns...'
More cringe-worthy characters to come next Wednesday.


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