Monday, 19 October 2015

Boba Fett and the wolves

That would be a freakin' awesome name for a band if it wasn't for the fact that Disney would sue my ass off.
Anyway, it refers to the latest painting to roll off the tray. A Knight Models Boba Fett for myself and four Otherworld wolves for Geoff.
The meanest bounty hunter in the galaxy and coolest Star Wars character.
He fits really well with the plastic Wizkids Star wars miniatures
 I painted Boba with a combination of washes and drybrushing - a departure from my normal technique, but it came out OK I think.
'Let's run with the dogs tonight...' with apologies to the Pet Shop Boys
These Otherworld wolves are beautiful models, and I hope I didn't mangle them too much. Once again they are wash and drybrush work. I hope Geoff likes them.



  1. Very very nice Nate! The wolves are amazing!

    1. Thanks Rodger - I wasn't sure exactly what I was doing as I painted them, so I'm glad they look OK.

  2. Lovely work I do really like those wolves as well cracking looking minis and you have bought them to life wonderfully.

    1. Most of the battle is in having good minis to paint, and these were wonderfully detailed.