Saturday, 17 October 2015

Commands and Colours board WIP #2

An hour in the shed this morning and I practiced my geometry, cutting out hexagons from cork tiles to make hills for my homemade commands and colours board.
29 hill tiles ready to be flocked.
I again used the plastic hexes that came with the Samurai Battles game to trace around. There are going to be cracks between the hexes in places, but generally the result is fairly pleasing. Some of the cork tiles will need to be trimmed off as they have extraneous bits poking into each other. In case you were wondering the cork tiles were painted grey for a previous unfinished plan - it isn't their natural colour.

You can see there are a few crevasses in the hills, but the units will be a perfect fit.
Now in my previous post only a c couple of days ago I had said that I was going to stick to using the blocks for the Napoleonic and Ancients versions of C & C. Well, two days is a long time and I've decided that 15mm minis is a completely viable option. I plan to base the figures singly on 1 x 1cm (1 x 2cm for cavalry). Artillery will have a gun and 1 crew figure substituting for each block. I have pretty much all of the infantry I need for the French and Russians, I just need a few more cavalry and artillery. I'm now planning to buy enough figures for the Brits as well as Romans and Carthaginians for the Punic Wars a bit later on. More money for Allan at Lancashire Games!

Built up area
For town hexes I'm planning to just plonk down these Dutch buildings I got in Amsterdam a long time ago. They may not look very Russian or Spanish, but they have a perfect footprint to allow a unit to fit alongside them. I will look to make some buildings that fit at some future point.

you may also notice the felt in use for the river in the background, as opposed to my prettier ones made from plasticard. The reason is purely practical. Felt doesn't slip on the grass mat.

OK, time to go and do something useful around the house.



  1. Looking good. How big are the hexes flat to flat?

  2. About 4cm. They are based on the slightly bigger hexes from the Samurai Battles game.

  3. Not too bad for an hours work Nate! The buildings look like a good size too.

    1. I've been looking for a place to use them for a while. Having said that, I got a little more time today and scratch built some BUA hexes. The subject of another post I feel.