Tuesday, 27 October 2015

NZ Mounted Rifles in Palestine

Allan from Lancashire Games sent me a couple of figures of his new 15/18mm range to paint up, this being the Middle East in World War One. I have to say that I'm impressed with the sculpts, especially this one - a horse holder trying hard to keep his gee gees in line.

This vignette is actually the Australian Light Horse range, but I cut off the plume to make this guy a member of the New Zealand Mounted Rifles Brigade that fought in Palestine alongside them.

On the subject of ANZAC, I don't know if anyone has noticed, but of three sporting world cups this year - cricket, netball and rugby, the finals have been contested between the ANZAC partners. Australia have been triumphant in two of these with the result of the third this coming weekend - hopefully for NZ it is third time lucky. Is it a coincidence that these sporting achievements have been in the year of the hundredth anniversary of Gallipoli - an event that both countries see as fundamental to their national identity?



  1. Nice one Nate, cool post

  2. Well done, great looking vignette....

  3. Looks awesome Nate! Very nice touch to change them to Kiwis too. It HAS to be third time lucky! There will be so much trouble if we lose this one.

  4. That's a cracking little stand, great job Sir.

  5. Go the All Blacks! Interesting little vignette.