Sunday, 2 August 2015

The Russians are coming!

This week's addition to the cabinets are two Russian infantry regiments for the Great Northern War.
The Ingermanlandski Regiment
The Butyrski Regment
They are for my Livonian Campaign which will be fought using adapted Neil Thomas One Hour Wargames rules. As such the forces will be quite small - 4 infantry, 2 cavalry, 1 artillery and 1 dismounted dragoon regiment per side. I have the figures to increase this later, but for now it is a good short term goal to get figures for both sides painted and on the table.

Regarding the above regiments, I have used the information from which is based on Hoglund's book rather than the uniform information in the Angus Konstam Ospreys. The reason is that Hoglund's regiments are much prettier - the Ingermanlanski in yellow is much nicer than dull old green! I have these troops in the kartuz rather than the tricorne. I figure that in the colder regions of Livonia these would have been preferred over the hat. Finally, the flags are totally conjectural. I have no information on the colours of these regiments, so I have made the totally reasonable assumption that they would match the facing colours of each regiment. Apologies to those who look at these and think, 'Wow! Now I know how to paint my regiments accurately'. It is one of the curses and at the same time wonderful things about this period.

The three Russian regiments so far - Rostovski, Butyrski and Ingermanlandski