Saturday, 29 August 2015

August commission wrapped up

North Star civilians from their 1672 range.
Just finished varnishing these figures.
Another picture with the right hand lady turned for a gossip session with the Huguenot minister.
Korean commanders
These guys have appeared before as blue Huguenots, but Geoff wanted some different poses in his unit so I've repainted their blue bits red.
And here are their replacements - an officer and standing pose.
And two loading figures
The last part of this group was a Dutch artillery crew
They just need a gun to fire.
So hopefully Geoff likes these guys. I toyed with the idea of putting patterns on the dresses of the civilian women, but with all of the pleats I think I would have ruined them. I can spot one or two little touch-ups that are needed - it always happens when you take photos - but I think the final result is pretty good.
My Lancashire Games Franco-Prussian War figures turned up today, so they are going to skip the queue ahead of the 15mm Samurai. More on them later.



  1. Splendid figures, love this favorites are the civilians!

  2. Excellent work Nate, especially the civvies :)

  3. Wonderful! The civilians are cracking!

  4. They look absolutely wonderful.

  5. All excellent! Geoff should be very pleased with these handsome additions.

  6. Thanks everyone. The civilians do seem to have caught people's eyes, and I'm glad about that because I wasn't too sure about them. Right - onto some 15mm for a couple of weeks.

  7. Super brushwork mate. I think you missed a few shoe buckles on the artillery though :-)

    1. Well spotted Millsy! I caught that I'd missed a couple of buttons, but I'll get those buckles sorted right now! Just as well I haven't packed them yet!

  8. Top work on the civvies, I need, yes need these figures myself!

  9. These are truly splendid - I haven't seen the 1672 range, but these have certainly encouraged me to investigate further. Excellent work!