Sunday, 30 August 2015

Napoleon in Egypt

Yesterday I received an order from Allan at Lancashire Games. It consisted of 15mm French and Prussians for the Franco-Prussian War project (I'll do a post on this later). It also had some samples of his upcoming 15mm Napoleon in Egypt and Italian Wars ranges, both of which I am very interested in. Last night I painted the French infantry in anticipation of the units that I want to field.
From left to right: 88eme Ligne, 18eme Ligne and 4eme Legere.
The view from behind.
The 88eme with its violet jacket and green cuffs is particularly rainbow.
The 4eme Legere in green with brown facings
The 18eme which had yellow cuffs and yellow piping.
I have a couple of Mamelukes half finished and the Italian Wars knights undercoated and ready for painting, so hopefully I'll have photos of them this week. At the same time I'm trying to finish off some Great Northern Wars Cossacks, Russian artillery and my first battalion of Prussians for the Franco-Prussian War, so hopefully by Saturday they will all be finished. It's raining today, so I'm hoping to clean and base the majority of the Franco-Prussian War figures. Tonight, however, is the next battle in the Livonian campaign, so painting will be put on hold to continue tomorrow.

I'll also take this moment to put in a plug for Allan at Lancashire Games. His figures are great, they are very reasonably priced and he is a real gentleman to deal with.



  1. Excellent work, I'd love to have a go at painting up the French army for Egypt, the uniforms are so colourful.

    1. Exactly my thinking, Ray. And so are their opponents - Mamelukes, Turks and Brits too. Not to mention I don't have to end up with static grass everywhere when I do the basing!

  2. I like the results of your French!
    I second your commendation of Allan. Forthright chap!
    Looking forward to your FPW Prussians. Lancashire French from this period are quite nice.

  3. A wonderful period, and great looking minis here, what's not to ike?

  4. These look wonderful, I can't believe just how much detail the pack into something so small.