Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Osprey titles for 2016 I'm excited about

At the moment Osprey is going through their 'big reveal' of 2016 titles.  There are a number of titles that I am interested in getting my grubby little mitts on. First up, in the MAA series:
Taken from
I love these 19th Century South American conflicts. Outpost Wargames Service do a 15mm range for this conflict too. Tempting.
Also in the MAA series but with no pictures available is Imperial Chinese Armies 1840-1911, which completes the Chinese army series and will cover the Chinese army in the Taiping rebellion and Sino-Japanese Wars. The land war of the latter was a planned pocket project, but in the last couple of days I have changed my mind (again) and will be going for the more mundane period of the Franco-Prussian War. I'm sure the 1894 project will rear its head again at some point though, as I find the era quite fascinating.

Still missing in action: Swedish armies of the Northern Wars and Armies of the Gallic Wars. C'mon Osprey.

Combat 18 - Israeli soldier vs Syrian soldier, Combat ??? - King's African Rifles versus Shutztruppe and Combat ??? - Finnish soldier vs Soviet soldier are a great choice of subject. Not that I game or intend to game either of these things any more, but I still retain a deep interest in them.

Still missing in action: Gallic Warrior vs Roman Legionary (Gallic Wars - a theme here I feel), Carthaginian Phalangite vs Roman Hastati, French infantryman vs Prussian Guardsman 1870, Prussian infantryman vs Austrian infantryman (Seven Years War) - well the list goes on, but it is obviously still a young series.

The Warrior series has four books planned and I have no interest in any of them - likewise the Elite series. However two titles in series I normally don't have anything much to do with stand out as must haves:
New Vanguard 238 - WWI Seaplane and aircraft carriers and Duel 71 - M48 Patton vs Centurion in the 1965 Indo-Pakistani War. The former is a bit of nostalgia. As a spotty 13 year old I had built a whole pile of Esci WWI biplanes. I dreamed up a scenario where the 1918 Kaiserschlacht had been successful and the Germans had defeated the French and the British had evacuated. An air battle raged over the North Sea as both sides built aircraft carriers and carried on a carrier war. Our old rectangular coffee table made a great platform for my Albatross and Fokkers to launch from and dogfight Sopwith Camels. As I recall, the British always won. Ahhh... good times.

1965 is a conflict I cannot get enough of, and which may yet turn into a 15mm or 6mm project. I did a lot of research last year and started writing lists for a Flames of War variant, but never completed it.

I'm still waiting eagerly for the Campaign titles to be announced, although with the disappointing sales of Ramillies I doubt that there will be any Eighteenth Century Europe goodness in store. Fervent hopes are for Tannenberg 1914, Lemberg 1914, Warsaw 1920, Koniggratz 1866, Garigliano 1503, Zama 202BC and/or Rocroi 1643.  Well, no harm in hoping.
Have a look over on the Osprey blog and see what you find tantalising for 2016.



  1. If I go over to Osprey and take a look I will hold you responsible for any horrendous costs that may be incurred! Thanks for the heads up Nate!

    1. I regret nothing! It is good that there are Ospreys title that don't appeal. Imagine if you bought every one!

  2. Replies
    1. Gordon, I'm only the messenger. Any links to shiny must-haves that you find are purely coincidental.