Saturday, 8 August 2015

A cavalcade of cavalry

Both on and off their horses. The last few days have seen me complete two mounted Russian Dragoon regiments, a gun each for the Swedes and Russians, a dismounted Dragoon regiment each for the Swedes and the Russians and a Russian general. I'm pretty happy with the results of this dedicated burst of activity, as it shows that I can make substantial headway on a project within the space of a week.
Tverski Dragoon Regiment in kartuz.
Vladimirski Dragoon regiment in tricornes
Russian artillery
Swedish artillery
Schlusselburg Dragoon regiment dismounted
Moscowski Dragoon regiment dismounted.
The Russian general
And from another angle
The dismounted dragoons count as the fourth troop type that can be rolled up on the randomising table for the One Hour Wargames scenarios. At some point in the future I'll paint both of these regiments up mounted.
Left to paint up are two infantry regiments, the Jonkopings regiment for the Swedes and the Semenovski Guards for the Russians. The All Blacks test isn't until 10pm local time tonight, so I'll be able to get a good couple of hours of painting in before then, and should get them completed by tomorrow night. At that stage this pocket project will be complete. Monday night I'll start on the Koreans for Geoff.



  1. My word that's quite an achievement, well done Sir.

    1. Thanks Michael. Champing at the bit to get the other figures completed now.

  2. They all look great. Well done fella! A Productive week :)

    1. Cheers Simon. They should all be so productive.

  3. Excellent looking figures Nate!

  4. Painting productivity is quite high this week and with a bunch of outstanding looking units.