Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Zombies and status update

Here are the first dozen zombies for Geoff. These are plastic figures that contain a number of repeated poses, so I've tried to paint them all as individually as possible:

So this is a third of Geoff's figures. Below is a photo of the painting tray - I'm about halfway through the next lot of zombies, then I have some native Americans and Koreans to paint. Finally, My test-paint Centurion for the Indo-Pakistani War is at the back of the tray. I have left one of the completed zombies on the tray at the left. He should have been in the photo above.

When Geoff's figures are done and the test Centurion is appropriately pretty (they are my favourite tank), I have the above commission from Craig - a Flames of War force from the Herman Goering Division. That should keep me busy!



  1. Looking fantastic but where were those Zombies last Friday when we had a Zombie game? We will have to have another now!

    1. And another dozen finished tonight! Anybody order some undead?