Sunday, 14 February 2016

Plast Craft Feudal Dwelling review

I ordered one of these Plast Craft feudal dwelling sets last week in order to beef up my 28mm Samurai terrain for Ronin. Part of a range of scenery for the Kensei game, it features two buildings made from PVC plastic and corrugated card. It comes in a slim cardboard box with an attractive sleeve featuring photos of the completed buildings.

My first reaction on opening it was surprise - no instructions. On the sleeve it says to download them from the website, which I did on my ipad, but I thought it odd that something as simple as a sheet of paper with printed instructions was not included.
I laid out all of the pieces to mimic the first illustration on the instruction sheet which referred to the pieces by number. This was useful, because some of the windows etc that you pop out of the buildings are actually used later on.

I began with the larger building and made the mistake of putting it together with PVA. Having earlier assembled one of the temples. I should have remembered that superglue is actually the best adhesive to use. As such, having completed the basic framework, I left it to dry overnight. The pieces fit together very well, and the assembly is very straight forward.

The next night I finished the assembly, with superglue this time, and it went very quickly. The instructions were clear and the pieces to use were obvious. Once completed though, the tabs on each corner and the window frames etc. were bright white and very obvious. Some people would probably be happy to leave the building like that, but for me it stood out glaringly. So the next day I attacked it with the paint brush, using Vallejo Stone Grey mixed with varying degrees of white (for the upper walls) and black (for the stone work). The results can be seen below:
Both buildings side by side with some Perry Samurai for scale
A close up so that you can see the corners where I've done the touch ups.
Aside from having to download the instructions, I really had no issues with constructing this kit. If I did it again I would use Superglue for the whole construction, but PVA still works - it is just a bit slower in drying. The final result is really nice, as you can see above. Touching up the corner tabs with  a bit of paint is not essential, but I would recommend it, as it completes the model.
From the website, here is the photo of the assembled kit. You will notice the tabs which I painted over.

Relatively cheap, pretty and easy - that is my kind of terrain. Recommended.

I now need to finish painting my other Samurai Buntai and start playing!



  1. Very nice! While my Samurai collection is in 15mm, a friend has a collection in both 15 and 28mm. He will be most interested in these.

    1. It is a very good range. Easy to build and quite a bit of variety.

  2. I like the look of those very much! I think they could very easily be adapted for Manchuria for use with my Russo-Japanese.

    1. I think that they could fit well. Not that you need pre-made terrain - your home-made work is superior to pretty much anything that can be bought!

  3. They really look the part Nate! Nice one.