Saturday, 13 February 2016

Meine Panzergrenadiere

The last week has been a pretty hectic one work wise, but I have found time to do a little painting, for myself this time. I have assembled a small, basic 1750 point mid-war Panzerkompanie for Flames of War to oppose my Soviets that are growing gradually as I paint for Craig and in return he sends reinforcements. These guys are from one of the armoured companies of the 64th Shutzen Regiment, 16th Division, 1st Panzer Armee, and will support the 2nd Panzer Regiment in its sweep across Russian in Summer 1942 (I've been doing some research...).
Platoon HQ and light mortar.
1st gruppe
Second gruppe
Third gruppe
Another close up of the boss.
I haven't added any rank insignia yet. To be honest, I forgot all about it until I just put these photos up. I'll try and get that done over the next little while, but first I want to get all of the vehicles finished.

I undercoated 24 zombies for Geoff this afternoon. so back to commission painting for now.



  1. Very nice work on the Germans Nate!

  2. Agree with Rodger, love your job and the poses are really nice...

    1. These are some of my favourite figures from Battlefront. A good mix of firing and advancing poses.

  3. Great work! The basing really imparts the sense of advancing through the Russian Steppe (at least in my imagination).

    1. Thanks Jonathan. The 'Gamer's Grass' is one of the nicest tuft products I've come across, but it can be tempting to overdo it.