Thursday, 25 February 2016

Delivery from Australia

On the doorstep when I got home was this delivery from Dan, all the way from across the ditch:

I had contacted him last month to ask him to look out for any cheap Muskets and Tomahawks at CanCon that he could pick up for me. He didn't see any, but then said that he didn't think he would get around to getting his own up and running, and did I want them? In return, I could send him the old Warhammer 40K second edition rules. As this was a bit of a one sided deal, I've also offered to paint his Samurai buntai for Ronin.

So what arrived? The rules and cards, French Wilderness, Indian and British Wilderness forces from North Star, and a Last of the Mohicans pack from Warlord (I think). Also in there are some Three Musketeers figures from the Brigade Games range for use with En Garde. They were a surprise. Very, very cool, especially as I was reading about the battle of Rocroi last night and thinking about French figures for the Thirty Years War. Admittedly I was thinking One Hour Wargames pocket project, but I'm not going to quibble!

The French and Indian War has always been a bit of a favourite of mine, and I'm keen to add a couple of regular units to these Wilderness forces, along with some civilians. This year is officially accumulation year, where I forsake any great advance on my own projects, paint for other people, and build up my collections to paint from next year onwards. The French and Indian War is pretty high up on that project list, after 1588, Ronin and my mid-war German Flames of War army I will probably start painting these guys, so I should get to them later this year.

Thanks Dan!



  1. I had an accumulation year most of last year 2015. I started painting almost right at the start of 2016. I did a bunch of gluing miniatures together in 2015 but it has actually been a very enjoyable process. cheers

    1. Good to know Brendon. Your painting has certainly started off with a bang this year. It does make me slightly impatient knowing that I have such a large lead (and plastic) mountain to climb, but I have plenty of time to get through it all.