Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Further proof...

... that I have no stickability when it comes to working through projects in an orderly manner. Exhibit B is yet another Tamiya tank, this time a Marder IIIN for my Bolt Action Cassino Fallshirmjager.

The tank is 1/48 scale and the crew are Perry Miniatures 28mm Marder crew. I'm pretty sure there were still Afrika Korps uniforms in Italy, so not too worried about that. The figures do look a little small with this scale - they probably need to be about a head taller - but as I'm not a rivet counter, I'm not too bothered about this either. In other words I have a very 'devil-may-care' attitude to my modelling!
OK, time to get cracking on those Trojans - they won't paint themselves, more's the pity.