Monday, 21 July 2014

Quo Vadis? Gallic Wars SAGA

The people have spoken! (All 16 of them).

The next project on the painting tray will be the Romans and Gauls for SAGA. Next in line were the Vikings and WWII brought up the rear. I am quite looking forward to this, although I really need to think out how I'll paint the Gauls. I am really tempted to use Asterix comics as my references.
Need a Celtic chief on a shield for my warlord.
Romans in green anyone?

How Romans would look with me as their leader.
Another option is to use Slaine as my reference.
In Demon Killer Slaine is transported through time to help Boudicca kill Romans. He is quite good at it.
Or I could just use an Osprey like a 'normal' wargamer.
The Romans have already been started of course.
I'm the kind of person who needs a head start...
Project commences this week.
As an aside, I am shocked by the number of hits my 100th post has had in the space of 24 hours - 627 when I looked just now. Was it the title that did it? Lots of people accidentally landing on it thinking they were getting something else? A bit of a mystery...


  1. Cool upcoming project!

    I wonder if the hit increase on #100 was due, in part, to photos of a cat?

    1. Could be. I'm pretty sure the internet was invented for the distribution of cat pictures and porn - and the nude Trojans were in the post before that...

  2. Going to be a great project. Looking forward to progress.

    1. Cheers Brendon. I've had two days where I could have done some painting and I watched TV instead. Need to get going.

  3. Bets of luck with it, I think theres a lot of interest in SAGA at the mo; it seems to be one of the in vogue games, so that may explain your blog hits?